Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sunday walk to Cavallo

With less than 3 weeks to go, training takes on a special significance. Each walk is important and this Sunday I wanted to walk at least one more hill to build on the hilly days in the last week. So I asked Glenn to take the short walk from the SYC to Cavallo Point for breakfast.
He said as long as he could have half the day for work, he would be glad to come along. We started at Sally Stanford's fountains. One for her, one one for her dog Leland.

As it is with many mornings in this part of the Bay Area, there were clouds/fog overhead as we began our walk. As the sun begins to break through the light sends glittery beams down on the bay. The islands in dark contrast to the sparkly water on which they sit.

East Road is open on the weekends, and Glenn hasn't had a chance to see the new curb, the earth moving equipment and the newly paved asphalt.

Even though Patti and I are regulars on the deck at Murray Circle at Cavallo Point, Glenn hasn't had breakfast there yet. I was glad into introduce him to the view and the walk.

Unfortunately, the cushy seating with pillows and lounge couches, weren't available. So we sat at our own little table....

After breakfast we wandered a bit around the harbor. The old Presidio Yacht Club is available to be rented and the room they have has a heck of a view.

It is always fun to find new angles from which to take photos of our bridge.

Above the harbor are Batteries. Glenn is listening to one of the pre-recorded informational message about this battery.

The views from here are special
Hard to imagine there used to be military people posted here ready to blow the enemy out of the water.

Back over to Marin

Back toward the city

Tamalpais Outriggers
Strike a pose

Bird in the breeze
People fishing off the rocks

Up Raccoon Straits
Still a few poppiesThe famous Rainbow Tunnel.
Robin Williams went to Redwood High School in Larkspur. He called their graduation one year and told a few jokes over the phone. One was about the rainbow tunnel, where he said you drive through that tunnel and you come out white driving a BMW.
Today it could be a Land Rover or a Prius just as easily.

The tunnel above Cavallo.
On the way back....

An old warning sign from Pacific Bell. Recent history....

Steps down from East Road to the Discovery Museum
The sun has come out over Marin

A pigeon sitting on a ledge at Valhalla
There is a store in Sausalito called the Sausalito Ferry Company. They usually have some... interesting things there. Here is just one.

So my weekend walking is done and on to the next week of training.
I am looking forward to each one because it means we are that much closer to October 1st.
I really really hope if you are anywhere near Marin you will make plans to come out and cheer. It means so much to the walkers and I promise it will to you too.
Visit and read the spectator information and find a place to cheer...or.... Come to Terra Teak between 9:30-12:30 Oct 2 to cheer at the gateway to Mill Valley. Attached is a map. We are counting on you.