Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG 4 days until the 3 day!

I just read about a woman who raised the survivor flag at the Seattle 3 day. She is in between her 3rd and 4th round of chemo. Apparently she is a tiny thing. I got tears in my eyes when I envisioned her mighty soul lifting that big flag. That would have been something to see.

In these last few days before the walk, I am trying to take a step back to think about how far we have already come. My team, each and every one, has done a remarkable job training, raising money and more importantly getting the word out about Breast Cancer. Dana even has adopted a new aerodynamic look for the walk shaving his beard and trimming his hair! We are in the last stages of packing. The socks are lined up, the shirts, the blister bandages and every little thing, right down to my new "When Pigs Fly" wind sculpture which we will proudly display by our tents.

Allison and I found this cute little wind machine on Pier 39 (or near it). I thought it was the perfect symbol of my walk.

2 years ago, the idea of me walking 2 miles, much less 60, was as likely as when pigs fly. Well, my friends pigs must indeed fly since I have walked hundred of miles in training and am ready to once again walk my 60 Oct 1-3.

I hope some of this helps teach you to NEVER give up. Not on others, not on yourself and definitely NOT on a world without Breast Cancer!

PLEASE come to cheer the 1300 men and women on this weekend. We need that support. And it is not too late to DONATE. I am trying to maintain my #2 spot in the SF fundraising. So HELP!

I am not sure when the next time I will be writing is, it may be after the walk. But check facebook, I am hoping I can post a picture or two with a little update.

LOVE all you guys for being in my corner.