Friday, September 24, 2010

One week to go...

I woke up this morning, put on the coffee, got my walking clothes on, did some work, then took off for the day ahead. the air was still and warm. The trees stood like statues without flinching. I knew as I walk they were waiting. Waiting for things to come. Waiting like me. Taking a time out until the world starts spinning at breakneck speed....

For the neighborhood, its a break between the fog and wind of summer and the rain and wind of winter. For me... it is the week before the 3 day when our coaches advise us to have shorter, easier walks to let our bodies repair themselves for the challenge of 60 miles in 3 days starting in just a week.

As I write this now in the comfort of my air conditioned office, I am debating whether to call Patti to bring me up the hill back home. I know the coaches would advise me to do that. But right now, I am sitting in the chair ignoring the dried residue from my sweaty walk to lunch. Just glad I am not meeting clients in person today. If the phone had smell-i-vision they would certainly change the channel.

We all are quite excited. I have pulled out my BIG rolling duffel bag. I have my list of what to pack. I sterilized one of my Camelback backpacks for Katie to use. I am breaking in my 3rd pair of shoes to be ready for next week. I am about as ready as I could be.

All this training, all this planning and still I am nervous about being ready. WHY. Because I know it is a challenge. I remember how difficult that 3rd day was and I am praying my strategies this year will help me through better than before. I am nervous that everyone on our team will do alright and be glad the walked. I am nervous that there will not be very many people cheering. I am nervous that Glenn may be bored running here and there when I know him being there is part of the reason I can do this at all. I have more thoughts in my head than bytes in a super computer. I am overwhelmed with feelings. I am ready.

Today as Patti and I walked into Sausalito for lunch we were stopped by a man who wished us well. As I returned from the office a woman stopped me to thank me for walking. Someone yelled at me from their bikes, "Good for you!" I am ready. Are you?

If you do not live in SF or nearby, please look up and find a location close to you. Make a sign. Wear some pink. Make a difference. Be the reason someone can finish this walk. Come to cheer. And if you are in the Mill Valley neighborhood on Oct 2nd, come cheer with Alain Pinel - near Kevin's Pumpkin Patch and Terra Teak and 100 Shoreline Hwy. We are working to get press there and lots and lots of crazy happy cheering people. BE ONE.

A Heron, waiting for the change in the wind or the 3 day....