Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picking up the girls....

Picking up Katie in an hour or so. Allison arrive this evening. It is a great thing as a parent to have you children want to walk with you in something as monumental as the 3 day. I don't think I ever understood just how important children were to parents, until I was one.

I remember when I was in High School at our senior grad night there was a palm reader. When I sat down and extended my hand to her, she scrutinized it carefully and declared, you will have two children. To you, you family is the center of your life. "Yup" I said to myself "dribble, everyone has 2 children."

Then later as a graduation present a neighbor who had gotten into astrology BIG time did my chart for me. She declared, you will have two children. For you the family is the most important thing. While they are little you will get along with them well. When they are teenagers there will be some real challenges. "Yup, "I said "dribble, everyone has 2 children and every teenager is a challenge." And off I went on my merry little life.

And sure enough it all came true.

Now here they are coming to walk with me in the 3 day, because they know how much the event means to me. But what they may no be aware of is how important our family is to me. How much I love each of them. How I miss the days when we would snuggle in my bed, or how I watched them play on windy hill. How I miss those days.

Tomorrow we will all walk off together on the walk. All those things we are walking for mean a lot to me. I am filled with gratitude and love that they want to walk it with me.

Each of us are unique individuals but we will always be family.

NEXT time you will hear from me it will be post walk. SO please, if you are on facebook, check it once in awhile I will post a picture or two along the way.

THANKS again for your support. Hope to see you during the walk cheering those people in pink.