Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuart Island - Turn Point Light Station

Glenn would finish each day of this vacation by saying

" Geez, I never realized how horrible yesterday was until today."

And that is just about the way it seemed. Each day got better and better. On this day, we had a great walk to a beautiful place, got to shop (for free), eat a picnic, learn some history and just plain enjoy another beautiful day.

From Reid Harbor's idyllic anchorage, with the ospreys watching, we went ashore and headed down the trail toward Turn Point Light Station. Through forests of manzanita, fir and assorted other trees, by a few homesteads until we came to the school.

Actually the first thing you see is a treasure chest and above it teeshirts and other items hanging between two trees. The items here are sold on the honor system and we all took advantage of the opportunity. Hats, and shirts made their way into our packs and backs and with them were envelopes with a return envelope and invoice. How could you resist?

After shopping we started exploring the school and teacherage. This one room school house has been replaced with a newer larger building. But I doubt there are many more students.

There is history and photos in the old building and some home made cards the sale of which supports the PTA.

They tell a story of each teacher who taught there, including A. Louise Byrant who the movie REDS was based on.

This is where the teachers lived... I guess Paris looks pretty good after that....

As we walked along we also came by an airport cut out of the forest and set on grass.

Some cars didn't make it to the airstrip...

Finally we came upon the Light Station and light keepers house..

Across the water is Canada.

Sheer cliffs have been the sight of a few accidents. One they mentioned was a boy who fell from the top, the good news being he landed in the water and survived.

Four of us.....

Jellyfish in the kelp

This yacht let out a loud hook on its horn and initially we thought..."How rude." Until someone told us their sons were giving the "truckers" signal to honk the horn on the boat.
Then it was cool.

Heading back

We came upon one of two of the treasure chests....

We're we talked with the "Mom" of the Boundary Trader "Benson" family.

And we were introduced to her citron... a classic.
When we got back to the boat we hauled in our crabpot only to find, no crab... just a HUGE 18 point starfish that was decidedly gross and stubborn. It took a community effort to extract it from the pot. That was it for the rest of our crabbing efforts. In the end we had one too small, one just big enough (but it died) and this ugly stinky thing.

The smell didn't bother the Canadians who came to visit.
Once back on the boat we headed to Fossil Bay on Sucia Island. The weather was looking a little more "northwest like". The winds had come up and sprinkles were forecasted. So we picked this particular Bay because it was the most protected.

This island is a State Park and beautiful.
As the sunset came out, the cameras came out... the wine was opened and the evening was beautiful.

Into the cabin for some serious fun.

Until it was time to go to bed...waiting to see if tomorrow would make this day seem terrible like all the rest....