Thursday, April 14, 2011

BATGIRL or Ending Cancer....

As you know I have been hoping to be selected as Batgirl for the Giants at their Mother's Day game versus the Rockies. I said to myself there could be nothing better.... Nothing better than to be Batgirl for my team.

I love the GIANTS and have since the days when Willie Mays came to the stands at Candlestick to talk with the kids hoping to see him, and he put his hat on my brother's head for a nano second. I was hooked. (This did not please my Dodger loving mother... but....) I was a Giant and I always will be.

As part of this contest, people were to write their stories about how they went to bat against Breast Cancer. My story is just one of millions out there. Each and everyone is heart wrenching. Some are inspiring and some are close to as tragic as you can get. You find this when you walk in the 3 day. There are so many reasons why people walk. Each truly compelling. It is all an individual fight against a killer that has devastated all those who have had it, and all those who care about people who have battled it.

This contest has been interesting. I was one of the first to submit my story. There are teams where there were only 16 submissions and teams with over 160!! But San Francisco had 88 entries. Of those I was one. I asked for people's votes. Lately I was reading other entries and I was reminded why winning this contest isn't really what this is about. It is about building awareness to end CANCER. Read these three entries and you will feel as I did ( I suspect).

My Family History of BC had me feeling like a ticking time bomb. When I was 22 , I spoke to a genetic counselor. I was told if I tested positive would I go through with the recommended double mastectomy? If not, then why do you want to know?" I declined based on that response. Began mamms at 30, and my 3rd at 39, I ended up being diagnosed with Stage 3a Invasive Ductal Carcinoma! I ended up getting that double mastectomy, plus chemo, RAD and a bald head on the side! I'm still here, and living every day of my life adoring my 3 girls and husband Greg! "Getting older is a privilege; We don't all get to do it! PS. ELMER ORELLA is my gpa (90). He was a left handed pitcher for the SF Seals 41-44


It only seems fitting to me that the Giants theme for the season was Torture. Torture is what my family has been going through for the past month. On 2/25/11 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 BC at the age of 36. More Torture continued on 3/15/11, when I was re-diagnosed with Stage 4 BC. I am a mother of 4 amazing boys ranging in ages of 15-2 years old. Our family has decided to stop the torture, just like the giants did when they become the 2010 World Champions, and turn this life experience into something more positive. My 15 year is currently raising awareness at his high school and has raised over $1,300 and counting. The only time I can get my entire family in the same room for more than an hour is to watch the Giants game. It would be an honor to be able to be a bat girl for the day with my family watching and to show my boys how you can turn torture into something so positive.

Fights like a girl

Baseball has been part of my Mother's Day weekend since 1989, the year my first son was born. In 1996 at age of 33, and six months after the birth of my third son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had two recurrences in the past 14 years, but I keep outrunning this disease. I have participated in 132 Komen Race for the Cure events, including San Francisco four times, over the past 14 years. My goal is to run a Komen race in all 50 states, (only 7 more to go)! I run for those who have lost their race against breast cancer, those currently running and those that don't know they have a race to run. I will be running in Salt Lake City on May 7, and plan to return that night to continue the tradition of spending Mother's Day at Pac Bell Park with my family. It would be an privilege to serve as honorary bat girl for the WORLD CHAMPION GIANTS in 2011. GO GIANTS!!

Giant Judy

And there are 85 more....So it isn't about whose story is the saddest, the most inspiring or which one wins. It should be about no more stories ever! No more stories that leave you crying. No more stories about children losing their mothers. No more Breast Cancer. If there is any way we can be a part of ending this insanity, we have to do it.

PLEASE if you haven't donated do so. END this now.