Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friends are "Dynamite!"

I am truly blessed with some really incredible people in my life. Some of whom are near and others are far away. This Saturday I was at our reunion planning meeting in Los Altos Hills where our committee met to address envelopes and continue to plan our 40th reunion in August. We ran across the name of one of our classmates who lives in Australia.

Andy was my counter part in the "best of" voting at the end of my senior year. Best Politician male to my female. We visited him once in Australia where he was a member of Parliament. He asked me what I had done with all that leadership skill and I said... "I've been PTA President and a girl scout leader." Somehow I think he bested me on the political point.

Andy has a beautiful wife and two boys.

He is planning on coming to the reunion.

But Andy has Cancer. Not just one cancer but two. When I heard about this latest challenge I thought, I wish I could help. How often do we feel that way about people we care about. I wish I could help.

The thing is... as Glenn and I know from challenges we have faced in our lives, they do help whether they know they do or not, simply by being there.

When I had Cancer I was surprised by the people who were willing to step up and help. There was not shortage of food at our door, or cards in the mail. But just as meaningful and perhaps more, was the people who would stop everything and come over just to be there. They weren't afraid to be around this stress and fear and all the other emotions that are as intense you feel you may be taken over by them. They came, and in doing so they broke down the fear that surrounded both Glenn and I .

Friends are supposed to be there when things are good. You expect that. But the friends who are there when things couldn't be worse are the ones that earn a gold star in the book of friendship. We have many.

Dana is one of those and on Sunday we went out on the boat. On the trip I thought about all the times Dana has been there for us Younglings and many of his friends. He has been such a incredible part of our lives. He and his family are part of our family. It was wonderful to enjoy a sunny day on the bay remembering that.

We took Haz Wa out and the breeze was light. The birds sunning themselves.

There is this rowboat in the Sausalito harbor with some sort of Doll the size of King Kong laying on it.

The club didn't seem to have very many people hanging outside. It was a little cool.

The Pride of Madera are in full bloom on the west side of Belvedere.

Turning into Racoon point the buoy was gently rocking.

Life is good. Light breeze and beautiful houses on the water's edge.

A few clouds on in the sky foretold of a little more weather to be expected.

Angel Island

The fog that was down the center of the bay dictated our course north toward Paradise Park. Dana and we know to go where the sun is on a "cruising" day.

The fog was pouring over the Sausalito hills in the background, but we were using sun glasses and at least I had sun block on.

It sure appeared we had the right idea, it looked cold at the gate.

And cold on the sides of Mt Tam behind Tiburon.

East and North though were looking fairly clear. Red Rock and the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

Glenn has client in a neighborhood called Paradise Cay. We decided to take a look. It was the first time Dana had seen this neighborhood up close. His dreams of a "group home" for our closest friends started heating up again. Now, we could fit in that house. One suite on the right one int he left and another upstairs with a 1000 sq foot living room and kitchen. Don't forget the kitchen!

One of the boats here had a unique way of keeping the tarp from blowing off.

A lot of the homes in here have deep water docks and big boats.

Dana now had a plan......

When we got back to the harbor after sailing in 30+ kt winds, it was still blowing over 20 .

I suggest Dana come for a BBQ. "If it is 20+ here it will be blowing 30 at your house." I told him I didn't think so... and guess what.... I was right!


They are so much a part of what makes life worth fighting for. I am grateful for mine.

AND I am grateful my team fights for their friends too. Take a look at this video. Keenan is a boy who has a rare genetic disease he is 16 years old who looks an awful lot like a short Matt Cain. Friends there when it matters.