Thursday, April 21, 2011

No walking to pick up this donation....

Today I snuck away to Napa in the morning to pick up an incredible donation by D.R. Stephens Estates of a case of Moose Valley 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. Yup folks in the know, this is THE wine that Robert Parker gave a 90, and that retails for $125 a bottle. He also said it is "An outstanding Cabernet" one of the 2 best from this small producer.

D.R. Stephens tasting notes say.... " The D.R. Stephens Cabernet Sauvignon from Moose Valley Vineyard shows the color and aroma and flavor intensity resulting from this very small harvest. A deep, rich garnet color, the aromas abound with the perfumed cedar and blackberry notes for which this vineyard is noted. Additionally, spice, vanilla and sweet chocolate add dimension. Texturally the wine is full, lush and very ripe with heavy melted-chocolate texture of heavy stain. This wine will continue to gain complexity and weight for the next 4 to 8 years."

We were given this wonderful donation by a friend of my brother. Justin Stephens.

What a beautiful estate they have. Set up Howell Mountain Road, up a lane lined with olive trees and through some California forest, the Tuscan style estate presents itself first with a glimpse of the tennis courts and then the courtyard around which the buildings are placed. I was met immediately by Wendy Day who is the tasting manager. With my head full of cotton on the third day of a pretty bad cold, I was hoping I wasn't invited to taste (it would be a waste on me today). She lead me up to the office where I was able to meet Justin and his wife and youngest daughter.

Debbie Daniels the operations manager was a woman, closer to my age, who was in a bubbly mood just having this little girl around. She was holding the baby who was checking me out completely. I asked if I could hold her. The little girl smiled and seemed to want to grab my glasses that were fascinating her.

What a great bunch of people, very warm not to mention generous. I looked in the receipt they had written up for the donation and next to the price (0) was written "Thank you!"

Isn't that the way it always is... the people who you shoudl be heapiong thanks on, are always the ones who thank you....

SO... I need your opinion. How best to maximize this donation at Cheer to a Cure. Auction (live or silent?) Raffle ? Should we split it up and if so how many bottles in each lot? The month before the event I will have these tiems on our online auction as well. So even if you are far away you can bid too! Tell mw how you would position these bottles so they will help us end Cancer!

In the meantime, why not buy your ticket early?

PS My walking has taken a back seat to recouping from this cold. I am hoping with the celaring skies I will have the time to get out there once again..... More later