Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These Days.....

We all are feeling it. I don't think I have seen but a handful of people over the past year who aren't in some way, shape or form stressed. It could be because they are in the middle of a transition in life that is uncertain and challenging, or because let's face it the world is spinning round and round and making us all a little dizzy these days.

Where the real test is, I believe, is how you handle this stress. Stress is one of those things that can be shared only in small doses. After all, we all have too much of it already.

I am guilty I know of bombarding my husband with a list or questions, concerns and comments about my day when he comes home from his workday, usually after 7pm., sometimes after 10pm. It is hard not to discuss something that is taking up so much of your "brainwidth", but sometimes it is not very fair.

But then there is the difficulty of processing the load you are carrying as to allow you enough peace to sleep through the night. In the past 3 years or so, I have not been a good sleeper by any means. You have read about it here in the blog. On days when I have been especially busy, it is even more difficult. My annoying "go to sleep" routine certainly is not every ones, and is probably annoying to Glenn who goes to bed on the early side on a normal day. I get into bed around 10pm and turn the TV down as low as I can and listen to the news until I feel my eyelids get heavy, then I turn off the TV and hope for a good night's sleep. Glenn has a pillow speaker and there he listens to podcasts as he falls asleep. Two very different individual approaches to the same task, falling asleep. Once I am asleep and something wakes me up, lately it has been next to impossible to go back to sleep. That is not good.

Saturday night in bed by 1 am, Sunday I didn't sleep well, maybe 4 hours and on Monday I slept for maybe an hour. Last night was another late night. I am tired.

Now the question is how to remain civil at work with people you are dealing with when you are exhausted. If my schedule wasn't so crammed I would be going for a walk today. But it is crammed to the rim. I know I am not handling this pressure on my shoulders the best I can partially because I am so tired. This is something I need to remedy because I truly do not like barking at friends or colleagues or husbands and dogs. Somehow I need to bring some of that peace I carry with me after a walk into a "normal" day.

So if you have been the target of one of my frustrated growls...forgive me. I promise to try and be respectful of you and not add to your personal burden. Sure would be easier though if I could sleep.

Have any ideas for me?