Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesdays with Cathy

As a Realtor, I have a pretty busy schedule. You can almost count on weekends being difficult. Then with 5 listings.... There are a few things I need to juggle. Finding the time to go and train is challenging.

Mondays "Forget about it!" they are crazy busy. Wednesday tour day in Southern Marin, Thursdays Central Marin and our office meeting. Friday is sometimes open.... sometimes not. Saturday well that's a day for my buyers... and Sunday, well you know about Sundays. Tuesdays, Tuesdays often are the most open. Of course saying that, the minute I make plans to get out there things compete for the time. This morning I had a Dr.'s appt. in San Anselmo so I thought I might be able to run out to Pt. Reyes afterward. Then the phone calls and emails started hitting. I decided... I needed to walk closer in and a little shorter than I had originally planned.

My car made a left in Fairfax and headed up to the Marin Municipal Water District lakes. I really didn't know exactly where I was going it had been years since I was up there, but I just followed the signed and parked at the first pull out and headed down what looked like a trail.

I walked across fields and across a boardwalk that spanned a bog. To my right I could hear the sound of lawn mowers. I couldn't see anything much except the trail ahead.
The bog.
Douglas Irises everywhere.
Other wildflowers popping up.
Oh and a golf course!

Today's walk was a walk of purple/blue flowers they were everywhere.
Making the walk truly beautiful.
Those flowers on the spring green hills made this a special Tuesday.

Eventually the walk brought me to glimpses of Bon Tempe and the waters leading up to it.
I noticed on this walk a lot of older women. They truly shame me..... With their walking sticks and satisfied grins, I think they have been doing this for decades. Some I swear were in their 80's. My hamstring in the meantime just to further shame me was tightening up ...
What a wonderful treasure we have in Marin in these lakes and so much open space. It is truly some of the prettiest you would see anywhere.
At Bon Tempe I came to the lake where the dam crosses one end.
With all the rain the lake was plenty full.
I didn't bother to count the fishermen out there today but there were many. Some I saw reeling in some trout. Most seem pretty content to just enjoy the day.
The other side of Mt. Tam reflected in the lake.
The trail lakeside on one side is sunny and the other pretty shady.
The irregular lake had me guessing at how far I would actually walk today.
Told you those flowers are everywhere right now.

On the other side of the lake I wove my way through oaks, and redwoods, over little bridges and streams.
Some sort of water stuff.... Looks like machine guns!
Turkey Vultures.
Coots? Some sort of water bird.
Turtles.... in the sun.
Parting wild flowers.

The walk was 7 miles by the time I was back at the car. Not bad, not bad at all and I was back at my desk in Mill Valley by 1. Back to work.

I guess we will see just how well my Tuesday plan will work out this year!