Friday, April 22, 2011

Overlooking the beauty

I heard someone say the other day they were so wrapped up in their busyness that they were overlooking the beauty in life. You know what? We all are too busy.

We get up in the morning with a packed schedule. Even before I was the crazy Realtor I am today, I was running from one task to the next. Kids to play practice, girl scouts, PTA meetings, grocery shopping, party planning on and on and on. Now, it's business that is making up the majority of my busyness. Interesting how those words are almost the same. Because under either scenario when we are too consumed by them, we are in danger of losing sight of all that is miraculous around us.

In the past week as I have had this cold.... I have been forced off the walking trail, and I am finding that while I am sitting at my computer or at an open house or holed up at the house, I have lost the ability to see beyond my nose. I haven't seen one flower blooming or one sunset evolving. I have seen websites and fliers, I've seen contracts and heard voice mail. I have read a lot of email and been able to get a few things done (despite the cold). But I have missed the beauty of the morning and the joy of the cool air on my face. I feel as though my energy has evaporated with my imagination. I am in a hurry to get back to the world. We walked with the dogs this morning and I was so busy and so tired, that I hardly saw how high the tide was in richardson Bay or if the sweet anise had grown high. I don't recall one bird on the water. I was too focused on the steps in front of me to realize where I was walking, I only knew I had better hurry, because I had a busy day ahead and only so much energy to maneuver through.

My trip to Napa should have been one where I got out of the car and walked in the vineyards. I should have been looking in the shops in St Helena and exploring the back roads in Calistoga. But because I am busy... and because I am recuperating from this cold, I drove to D.R. Stephens and drove straight back. the pictures I took were from the sunroof of my car. I could see there was a lot of beauty I was missing in my busyness.

When you take the time you can see the beauty in things as small as a drop of dew on a blade of grass. You can feel small yourself as you watch the power of the ocean crashing into shore. But a busy person will not notice. Their eyes have been directed toward things, that at the moment, are pretending to be more important.

This weekend is Easter weekend. I am guaranteed to be sad. Our daughters are in other states. Our families are fractured and flung different directions. I will have an open house on Saturday and spend the whole day working. Sunday, I have tried to keep open enough for one walk somewhere. Somewhere where Glenn and I can marvel at the beauty of life on a day the symbolizes of new beginnings. I will let you know if we manage it between the work, and the ham dinner for Glenn's Dad.

If you have been too busy to see the beauty in your life, take the time, take it in, it is all around you. Walk out of your cubicle and breathe in the air. Smell the honeysuckle. Taste what life is like when you walk out your door. None of us should be too busy to do that.