Sunday, April 3, 2011

How a charity dinner for 8 is priceless

Last night our lucky bidder from last years live auction, Barbara Major cashed in on her prize. A dinner for 8 by the Cihaks (with me, Glenn, Larry and Sharon Moraes in support roles). After the first auction dinner in 2009 turned from a dinner for 8 into a wild and wonderful dinner party for 60+ people, I like my support role! When I corralled the Cihaks into helping with the dinner for 2010 auction, I really imagined a way simpler dinner in which I would help a lot more than I did. But somehow this dinner morphed into a 5 star event. Perhaps it was because Barbara won the dinner in hot and heavy bidding. Over $1000 is a lot of money for Susan G Komen. That donation helped all of our team mates reach their minimum $$ amount for last years walk. And it was the largest donation we had seen to date for any item in our auction.

The menu was formulated and presented and refined. Two additional items were requested and that was my time to step up and say I will do one more vegetable and a chocolate dessert. In the end the dinner consisted of two passed appetizers mushroom moustaches and a salmon puff, Then on the the main meal of first a porcini mushroom tart, silken pasta with pesto as the pasta course, second course - chicken in rosemary and wine, asparagus risotto, Housewife tomatoes. And finally dessert, A red wine and caramel pear tart and a Queen of Sheba Chocolate Torte.

We were joined by Larry and Sharon. Larry brought the kitchen staff some wine from his cellar, while Chuck and Stephanie actually made the most delicious lasagna for us to eat.

So in truth although the food was incredible that was served, we kitchen folk were eating and drinking high off the hog.

The dinner was served at Barbara's house in Tiburon. A beautiful place with lovely views.
We thought we would be safely behind closed kitchen doors, but the kitchen was opened to the dining area. The guests got to see kitchen genius in action. (And us with our side party...)

I promised Stephanie I wouldn't ask them to do this again, but as the dinner was ending Barbara was announcing she was coming to buy another dinner at our Cheers to a Cure on July 29th. "I'll be seeing you again next year!" Will they or won't they? As of now, I am noodling adding the 2011 version of dinner for 8 into the live auction. If the Cihaks can't do it, it may be just me and Glenn which equals.... something like burgers, fries and a beer, but heh, how can I turn down Barbara?

My most sincere thanks to Chuck and Steph, Larry and Sharon. You guys made me feel so supported in this crazy path I am on. Stephanie last year especially by walking with me. But seriously all of you, by being there willing to help in any way you can. Love you.

And the rest of you readers get ready for hot and heavy bidding at our event.

This one is a HOT one! DINNER FOR 8 (beverages not included).

Not too early to buy your ticket online. It's up to you.