Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warriors, Flags and the people who wave them

I have walked this route many times. Taken pictures like this...

and this...

But today for whatever reason, on this first sunny day in a while, on my first free day in a while, as the ferry pulled into the San Francisco Ferry Terminal, my eyes were drawn to at least 5 American flags that I saw waving in the breeze standing tall in the sun. And they made me think of all they stand for. For courage, for strength, for freedom and for standing up in support of something bigger than yourself. I thought about young men and women who serve their country abroad, often in harms way. I thought of those who serve their community in many roles some more visible than others. I thought how that flag we wave stands for all of us. It speaks to the best of us. And I thought about how those qualities we celebrate when we wave our flag are the same qualities that we as people aspire to, as just... well people. The best of ourselves as Americans is the belief that nothing is impossible- that everyone deserves a life of freedom and promise. And it stands for the idea that when others are not able to stand up for these rights, we will.

When someone is diagnosed with Breast Cancer they do not go through the experience alone, if they are lucky. At least I didn't. They find themselves surrounded by people of passion who lead the way through treatments and lend their expertise and knowledge towards finding your cure. For me I found myself surrounded by a community of people who lifted me up when I was too tired to stand on my own. This was a complete surprise to me, being the control freak, self driven person I am. But they were there, and when I allowed it, I realized just how much I needed their strength. I was loved and surrounded by my family. I found strength in angels, family and community and this mighty combination gave me courage.

You know what you are supposed to do when someone is in need. You feel it in your soul. You want to reach out. You want to lift them up. You want to give them your courage when theirs has faltered. It is born in us. I believe that.

I found that spirit again in the Breast Cancer 3 day when I stood to walk in support of finding a cure. To give back to those who had lifted me on their shoulders 16 years ago. Since that day others have joined me to become one of the thousands of pink warriors. Some of you reading know who you are. Those of you reading may have walked or donated, may have thought about donating, may be planning to donate or walk someday. A little voice is calling to you to become a warrior too. You believe anything is possible. That together we can accomplish miracles. That we can stand together and wave a flag for a world without Breast Cancer. - a world we created together.

Here's my walk today. A walk of flags. After you watch I ask you to please