Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthdays, Mother's Day and Surprises

Yesterday started out with one of those precious moments that leaves you smiling all day long.

Glenn and I took the dogs to the dog park. As we walked onto the pathway, there were two young fathers pushing strollers chatting with each other. A little toddler boy followed along and another little boy was sitting high in the stroller with is curling hair dancing in the breeze and a huge smile on his face. The men were talking about where they had taken their kids lately. They obviously were "stay at home Dads." Their smiles and banter was bright and their kids looked happy.

One of the Dads said to the little boy toddling along "Do you want to throw her a kiss? Go ahead." I threw one of those kisses from my palm off in the breeze toward the toddler, but he starting walking over to me. His lips pursed at the ready, his checks rosy and his toddle determined. "Oh you want to give her a real kiss!" said the Dad. I bent over and got a sweet little kiss on my cheek. At that the other little boy started throwing me kisses too. The other Dad said "If your husband wasn't here, I'd give you a kiss too!"

Now that was a way to start the Friday of Mother's Day.

After a nice day at work with Myriam, checking off the to do lists of our 8 listings... and one escrow on the slow road to closing, Glenn and I met up again for a special game at ATT park. It was Willie Mays' birthday, his 80th. San Francisco proclaimed May 6th will always be Willie Mays' Day in SF for this special ball player. After all there is no one who has ever played the game that did it with more panache, with so much skill in San Francsico or perhaps anywhere. Willie Mays is Baseball. I got these tickets the moment they became available in an early release of tickets. Good thing because this game and all the games this weekend are SOLD out.

As part of the celebration, there was a promo give away. The first 20,000 people (basically the first half) were to receive a Willie Mays Statue and a party hat. When we got to the park Willie had his hat on!
I have never seen this before. The line to get into the park stretched all the way around McCovey Cove and back on itself. I began to think maybe I would not be able to get my statue after all.

But we made it inside and Glenn and I both got our hats and statues!
I found out later my statue was put into the box broken, with no arm and a broken foot... So we actually only have one...

I would have auctioned one off at Cheer to the Cure, but now that there is only one, well.... you know.

As a gift to Allison and Chris I tried to take a couple of photos of Colorado players. I don't know who they are but maybe they do.

After the batting practice was over and the crowd was instructed on what to do "in case of emergency" the celebration began.
MC-ed by John Miller.
Willie came into the park on a golf cart while the HD big screen captured every second.
Special guests and speakers were other Giant greats and some of the people from the old Negro league, where Willie played when he was 16 in Alabama.

One was a reverend who commented, he may be 80 but I am 86 and Joe over there is 87!
Boy and Girls from the Boys and Girls Clubs that Willie has long supported surrounded him as the crowd of 41,900 sang "Happy Birthday."

Willie spoke as well with apparent emotion. Thanking the crowd and the Giants. He said Peter MacGowen at one time told him, you will always be a Giant until the day you die. And Willie said he is trying to do that. And he is. He is a fixture at Spring Training and throughout the season supporting, tutoring and inspiring young players.

The game for the Giants started as if they were in jet lag from their long long difficult road trip. By the 6th inning the score was 3-0 Rockies. But, magic happened on this May evening. In the 8th it was tied. In the ninth Brian Wilson came in to shut out the side.

The crowd was alive and shouting their encouragement as Aaron Rowand, was put out, and Freddy Sanchez stepped up to the plate.

All the while this little boy in front of us slept. It was past his bedtime, around 10:30.

FREDDY FREDDY FREDDY the crowd chanted. And bang Sanchez rose to the cheers and hit a liner into center field. The perfect finish to the birthday celebration of one of the best Center fielders who ever lived.

That was a game! That's my team. They teach you lessons every time you pay attention. This evening I was reminded how much support means to people. How when you have had a turn of bad luck, how the belief of others can lift you up out of your negativity into a place of belief in possibilities. Tonight reminded me that even if you lose yesterday it will not tarnish a win today. In fact sometimes, that loss is part of what make the win more significant.

These lessons of baseball plays out in our every day lives.

I see it in my business. I have felt it in my colleagues.

I lived it when I had Cancer and survived through with the help and belief of those around me. Yes. I love this game.

As Mother's Day comes to your life take time to remember the loss we feel of Moms who are gone. This loss should remind us to cherish the ones who are still there. For me I will be sad to not have my children at home, but I smile to remember they are still in my heart and my life. I will enjoy a different kind of Mother's Day. A day with my husband with whom I share a blessed life, two wonderful daughters and adventures everyday. I will miss my Mom, but I will remember her all day long and celebrate how who she was has helped define me, and my children she never met.

Happy Mother's Day and GO GIANTS!
AND as a gift to your Mother and all Mother and children of Mothers, Husbands and Fathers of Mothers ... Consider making a donation to Susan G Komen who does so much to find an end to the #1 Cancer killer of women.