Thursday, May 5, 2011

Struck out? I don't think so

I may not be the official Giant's Bat Girl, but I am Glenn's. Although I am still waiting to hear who won this great honor, I have my personal favorite "Fights like a girl". I hope she is selected and her 4 sons can see her on Sunday living life large (while she battles stage 4 cancer.)

It's hard reading those stories. As a survivor, I can relate to all of them. All Cancer is horrible and frightening, because to each person their battle with Cancer is a battle for life. It doesn't matter what "stage" your cancer is. It is like being pregnant, you can't be sorta pregnant, and you can't sorta have Cancer. I am proud to be on the other side of my battle and I feel an enormous responsibility to fight even harder to end this disease for those who have to fight a more personal battle. So on Mother's Day I will watch my Giants on TV and cheer on the SF Giant's honorary Bat Girl. And I am guessing I may cry a little too.

In the meantime, it is back to training with my new camera at the ready. I thought I would go out to Tennessee Beach again with a fresh lens and see if things looked different....

I started my walk at the Community Center in Tam Valley and followed Rhubarb Trail until I came to the trail head for Tennessee Beach.

On this warm day I wasn't the only one with the idea to walk to the beach.

A girl who saw me was impressed

with my camera and it's long lens. I tried it out by shooting pictures of the hills on the other side of the valley and tried to take a few pictures of flowers, birds and butterflies.


Almost at the beach ...

Stream finds it way to shore

Red wing blackbird

Turkeys in a corral

There is a little egg farm on Tennessee Valley Road. I woudl love to have a couple of chickens, but I don't think the dogs would be nice...or the raccoons.... or the fox or....coyote.... or mountain lions.

After the walk I ran to the office and then went on tour. All in a days work.