Sunday, May 1, 2011

Come Cruise Away

Our dear friends Patty and Mike Williamson joined us on our other good friend's Larry and Sharon Moraes's boat E-Cruise. Larry and Sharon donated this cruise as part of last year's Wine Wars. I twisted Patty's arm back then to buy it with me. And I unabashedly asked that we use our cruise on my birthday! So yesterday we met at E dock in Sausalito and headed out shortly after 4 pm for a Bay Cruise until sunset.

With my new camera at the ready, (without much instruction on how to capture the perfect picture) I took over 157 photos! The video and the picture above are of those photos. If you would like to view the video on a Iphone or Ipad I suggest downloading Skyfire to view. This was created in Movie Maker and like flash it isn't compatible with some I devices.

Glenn also took some photos which are below.

What an amazing day and evening. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Clear blue skies and moderate to light breeze made this the perfect cruising weather.

As we left the harbor after a toast of Champagne we started our Bay Cruise making our way through Richardson Bay.

We headed to the Golden Gate Bridge (where it was a little choppy). The Harbor Dolphins were enjoying playing in the waters near Fort Baker.

Larry at the wheel kept us heading the right direction.

We saw a few Bay sights, like the Marina in front of the Saint Francis and the Golden Gate Yacht Clubs.

We also cruised up the city front in front of Pier 39 and under the Bay Bridge.

Along the Embarcadero where we saw some newer art on display.

AND to McCovey cove. No game going on, but still a must see on a Bay Cruise.

At least the Ride a Duck boat folks think so....

The new construction on the Bay Bridge, east side of Yerba Buena Island

We took a swing through the Treasure Island Marina and then started back toward Angel Island and Raccoon Straits on the way back to Sausalito.

The sun setting in the west as we headed back to the harbor.

It was such a treat for me to spend some very lazy time on Larry and Sharon's boat. Good friend, good wine and a beautiful day. All in all this birthday scored a 10. I had left my cellphone at home, but when I got home I saw that I had a bounty of good wishes on Facebook and on voice messages. Thank you everyone for making me feel so special .

And... the great news is, this too could be your day. Larry and Sharon have donated this cruise once again for our event in July. You can read about it and more at

Happy Birthday to me indeed.

P.S. I even got a couple of donations while I was out on the water and ending Breast Cancer would indeed be one heck of a Birthday present. I have beaten the odds. I have had 16 more birthdays after my diagnosis. Many other women are not as lucky. Why don't you DONATE to help end this disease? If it is more fun, buy your ticket to attend Cures for a Cure HERE. Or do both? Thanks again everyone for making my birthday magical.