Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thirty years ago come Monday....

Glenn and I were married at Old Mill Church in Mill Valley.

We had 150 guests +/-

Everyone had a good time...

We left in a hail of rice,

drove away in a El Dorado Cadillac convertible with

The Beamer Brothers signing Honolulu Lights, with leis around our necks.

We had our reception at the Alta Mira.

My sorority sisters sang to us.

Glenn dodged eating flaming oysters.

MB caught my bouquet .

When we left, I felt like a million dollars in my David Hayes, one of a kind pink suit.

We honeymooned in Kona.

We bought a house.

We've been blessed two beautiful daughters.

Our lives are not extraordinary. We are not rich or famous. We haven't written the great American Novel or invented the Internet... but, what we have together is extraordinary.

Others dream about finding the perfect person for them. I found mine in Glenn.

Together we have gone through fires and come out stronger.

Glenn has been my rock. He is who I lean on, bounce things off of, and learn from.

He is quiet and funny and handsome and wise.

I would have never made it through my Cancer without his strength. I could not ever follow my passions without his pink boa support and encouragement.

After 30 years, when he walks in the door, I still get a rush.

We are heading off for an adventure in DC tomorrow. I will tell you all about it... next week.