Thursday, June 2, 2011

So much to say and no time to say it

We checked out the route for the 3 day as much as we could. There will be some hills... not like SF but hills none the less. We went searching for the Campsite in Maryland...

CAMP site for the 3 day in 2010 will it be the camp for 2011?


An invitation to the People's House.

Cocktail hour in DC

Bobble heads

Suggesting some edits?

""Sam? We'll take your question next."

After all I was voted class politican.

Here's where things get interesting... all our photos are out of order. So this is not the order in which we did these things. This is Alexandria.

Dinner at the Columbia Firehouse celebrating our 30th.

Back in Falls Church

Frisbee over the fence

Allison's garden

Audrey and Dexter

Kelly and Audrey

Drawing on the dinner table

Michael tossing his daughter in the air

Cutie Patootie

Steffen family

Allison Chris and friends

Dexter dog


Cathy and Glenn

Wine tasting in Virginia. Allison and Chris will be donating a tour of the wine country for our silent auction. Those of you who can take advantage... BID . Look for it at

SPCA evening at Keswick Estate near Monticello

Very nice Vouray

They have 14 vinewyard dogs!

Edgewood Plantation.



Cathy and Glenn - the next 30 years

Sully Plantation... next to Dulles Aurport

Air and space Museum at Dulles

Taking the plane home......

Now its back to work with lots of worries about alot of things. It was a great weekend and my advise is LOVE life LARGE. It is a precious gift. Take it by both hands and don't be afraid to live it with all you've got.

Got a fortune cookie that might just say it all.

"Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort."