Saturday, June 25, 2011


So many times in life we are standing on the edge of a gigantic expanse of unknowns. At one moment you are pretty sure of where you are, you can look down at your feet and see solid ground. Then something happens. a rumbling deep within makes the ground on which you stand uncertain, shaky and it is time to move.

Safety lies on the other shore and in front of you the waters you face seem to be impossible to cross. You haven't an idea of how to get from here to there. There is no doubt that if you were to jump in the churning green sea, you would surely drown.

Your eyes turn to your right and then your left until you see someone has built a bridge. And this bridge is no rickety bridge, oh no. This bridge was engineered to withstand all kinds of weather and stress. This bridge can carry more than the weight you carry on your shoulders. This bridge is your way across to safety. Its up to you to take a step. Once you commit to the walk across, you will soon be there, on the other side.

Last night I read that my client's daughter and her family have no easy answers ahead of them. The Cancer they found "has no name". They all will be in a living purgatory as they seek their safety, and wellness. There is no road map telling them where to go. But for them, they have something so many others never do, they have each other. And I know they will find a bridge built from the power of love ( and perhaps the collective genius of researchers and doctors who will help guide their course.) And I am certain their daughter will grow to be as brilliant and warm as her parents and live a long and meaningful life of consequence. Because just like our Bridge, she is built of the right stuff.

On Thursday Katie and Dominic joined me on a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. As you know, I walk it often in fact I walked it the day before. Usually when I walk, it is one way. But for this walk we met at Vista Point and did a round trip.

Its such a beautiful and iconic sight in San Francisco. Often it is shrouded with fog and pounded by wind. On this walk there were warm clear skies and some breeze. All in all the perfect day to show her off.

Crossing the bridge

Katie and Dominic

Who is that guy?

Whats down there?




Mid span - City

And back to Marin... the end.