Monday, June 6, 2011

Grace, love and lessons

This has been a very strange few days.

All of us tend to look at the bumps in the road and complain about them.Cranky people. A bad Real Estate market. Politics you don't agree with. A neighbor's barking dog. Its exceedingly human to grumble about life's unpleasantries. Today I took a walk, a long walk during which I had a chance to think and pray.

Today a little girl I know went into surgery for a brain tumor. She is two years old. If ever a child was the embodiment of love and life it is this little girl. She calls me Mrs. Youngling, a testimony to her wonderful parents. She doesn't complain or hit her brothers (that I have seen). She looks at you sometimes with a slightly shy smile, looking up at you through her eyelashes. She makes me smile.

The good news is the tumor appears to be one that is easier than others to operate on and removing the tumor should CURE her. But as I thought about the surgery she was to face I cried. I couldn't help it. I cried and I poured myself a scotch. It has been a long week.

Her parents are updating their friends about what has been happening.
She calls all the doctors stinkers and she calls her tumor stinker. She made the Doctor promise when he took it out he would say "Bye bye stinker." The Doctor agreed and said he would write it on the white board.

As I walked today with each step I said "Surround her with love and light and healing.

Surround her parents with comfort and ease and belief that everything will be alright. And forgive me for complaining about the pettiness around me, because I am blessed beyond measure."

It sort of puts everything into perspective doesn't it.