Monday, June 20, 2011

The things that matter

This weekend, I went to Alamo Ranch. It is 10 miles off a county road near Santa Maria.

As those of you who have read this blog for the past 2 years know, each year a group of my college sorority sisters and I meet, for the last several years here at Alamo Ranch. Before that it was Tahoe or Carmel Valley, one time at the Russian River. It is an annual ritual that we look forward to, and back on, with gusto and reverence. It is not something you should miss, if you can possibly avoid it.

Of course life being what it is, there are times, out of necessity you HAVE to miss it. I couldn't drive one year because I had recently broken my wrist. Another for a family scheduling conflict. Most of us have made most of the reunions. This year we were missing several of our "regulars." There was a wedding conflict, a Farm league baseball conflict (husband is a coach), another's husband is recently out of the hospital. I am not totally sure what kept the other couple away... but it would have to be important and unavoidable. What I do know is they were missed.

As the day approached for me to leave on this trip, my business and personal life couldn't have been more complicated or demanding. But as hard as it was to imagine getting away, it was harder to imagine not getting away.

There is sanity in no cell coverage. There is a peace of mind in being with people with whom you share so much. Thank goodness for this little time away. When I got back into cell coverage I had over 200 emails and around 10 phone messages. Let's not even mention text messages.
The world didn't come to an end even though an escrow DOD fall through. It kept on spinning just as it always had and lucky for me, the weekend gave me more balance to handle it.

Now that I am back, I can look at the pictures and remember the cool morning air, the warm afternoon sun and the sound of my friends loving and living life with a glass of wine in their hands.

Our new technique for crossing streams. The valley had an abundance of water this year leaving several crossing the road.

We came across tow dead rattlers on our training walk.

Part of this years team! Barbara and Cathy

Are we there yet?

Kill deer eggs

Bonnie and Barbara


This years group


Hopper's 70s dress

Cool pool side

Inside the ranch house

Guest book

The "other" kitchen


Ped's shirt


Tie dye

Gretchen and Bonnie

Making a shirt for Patti

Patti's shirt

70's appetizers

Fondue in the beginning


Fondue after

Costume dinner...

Pam the hostess

I love my sisters.

PS - Best wishes to Bonnie, I do believe she has big things happening soon.....