Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yesterday's walk...

Sometimes.... you have people you want to help. You want to hold them up ad make everything better. But they may be too far away, or surrounded by so many who love them, the most you can do is... want to help. My solution is walking.

When I walk, and I think about what it is I am accomplishing, it makes me feel as though I AM doing something healing. It was interesting to read the update from the little girl's family today saying, if you want to help, do something good for someone today. Do it for our daughter. Do it in her name. Some random act of kindness, or just looking on someone with kinder eyes.

Humbling .....

I am blessed beyond measure. I live in the most amazing place in the world. I am healthy and powerful and have fantastic friends and family.
So in the light of the kinder gentler idea.... this is the steps that worker was napping by when I made some disparaging comment about government workers... He did a good job.

I stopped at Cavallo Point and had a muffin and coffee because I am so grateful they have donated not once but twice to our event.

I am grateful to see children loving the sand and sea, enjoying the sun and life.

I am grateful we have the Bridge and the bay and so much beauty.

I remember when I moved back to the bay area when I married Glenn. Coming from Southern California I was in awe of the flowers and the freshness of everything around me and I still am.

I am grateful to be able to connect with the water and the world through sailing. I am so blessed to see my husband's face when he is on a boat.

Blessed to know they will be keeping the bridge safe....

I feel blessed to know that when I struggle to face the challenges in life, I am like a tug boat who gets some help from the people in her life.

I am glad to know I can look at life and see how different it can be from someone else's lenses.

I am grateful to know I can cross the bridge, take photos of tourists and give them a photo to remember.

I love to find the beauty in small things and feel so lucky to have some many in the course of a 12 mile walk.

I like how when I look at kids playing I remember how blessed we have been with two healthy daughters who are wise and wonderful.

I am blessed to come from a rich history, and to be connected to a family whose roots are deep in San Francisco.

We all are blessed to know that the America's Cup is coming to Sf and we can share with the world the magic of where we live.

I feel lucky to know that even those things that have been around for years and years and people who have been a round for years and years can be improved, and grow and remain relevant.

But I feel blessed to know the richness of age is something you have to earn. I wish for everyone that luxury.

When I looked at my watch at this point in the walk I realized in order to make the 12:55 ferry I couldn't delay, I had to hustle. I am grateful to be able to walk fast enough to catch a ferry without hurting myself.

Try this tomorrow. Try finding those things you are grateful for and acknowledge them.

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