Sunday, June 26, 2011

About Jim...


Patti and I first met Jim Costa at Toad Hollow after a training walk last year. Jim is the tasting room manager. In the course of our conversation Jim said his wife Judy had passed away from Breast Cancer. You could see in his eyes how big a loss that was. And while he spoke about her, you saw how much he loved her.

Jim had actually walked the last day in the 2008 3 day with his daughters. We made a button for Judy, and Patti wore it during last years walk in her honor.

We became wine club member, as much for the opportunity to come and see Jim quarterly as the great wines at Toad Hollow. We found out he was a Marine, he has a pretty large family, loves to cook and of course loves his wine... and now, he loves his fiancee Wendy.

When I asked him is he would consider coming to Cheers to a Cure to pour, he not only didn't hesitate saying of course! But he said, if the winery didn't give the wine, he would himself.

Today Patti and John, Glenn and I made the drive up to Healdsburg to pick up our summer shipment. When I came in Jim greeted me and said there was something he wanted me to see on the computer. He took me back and pulled up his wall on Facebook where there was a picture of a luminary bag with Judy Costa written on it, and decorated with a Hawaiian motif. He said this next week will be the 5th year. I looked up and he pointed out a picture of him and a bright and beautiful woman, and said "I think I showed that to you before." (And he had) and next to this picture was another picture with another beautiful woman... "And that is Wendy."

I asked him when the date was and he said it was next year. "I know, Judy would be very happy to know you are happy."

"Yes, she would" he said.

I thought about how much we all want to end Cancer.
We all have reasons and people we miss that have been taken by Cancer.
Whether it was from Breast Cancer or from some other kind, what we know is it shouldn't have to be that way. Jim is being part of the solution. He is not only coming to Cheers for a Cure, but bringing some pink hats and lots of spirit. You would be foolish to even consider missing this.

Last night we had the chance to go to Walk in the Wild, a fundraiser at and for the Oakland Zoo. Dana our friend was our host and we had a fantastic time. But something unexpected was meeting a woman who when I suggested they come to Cheers to a Cure, said "Is this for Susan G Komen?" I said it was and she said, "I got a grant from them, they do great work." And here is an example of why money given to Susan G Komen can benefit all Cancers. Her research is in regards to hormones and how they relate to Cancer growth. Not only is she looking at Breast Cancer, but also Pancreatic and Uterine Cancer.

So when we are working our best to bring in as much money as humanly possible, we are doing so to honor not only Judy, but my Mother and Glenn's Mother. To honor my Grandfather and so many others who were taken too early.

And to think about how much fun we are going to have it is exciting to look forward to.

We couldn't help but keep ordering more wine while we were at Toad Hollow. I have a 40th reunion coming up that the Merlot and Chardonnay will be perfect for... A great price and so very drinkable from wonderful people...

We needed the BIG hand truck to get it to the car. And still we forgot an entire case! So maybe if I am lucky I can be the one to go and pick it up!

I feel so fortunate have found Jim and to have him come on July 29th for everyone else to meet.

Yup.... we are all set. Great wine, great all that is left it you. Have you RSVPed?

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