Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Limantour Beach ... Tuesdays with Cathy

This Tuesday, I cleared the work schedule decks to get a walk in. It's time to be training and Tuesday are usually a good day.

This Tuesday I had a Dr. appt at 10:30 where the neurologist let me know my brain is pretty much ok... (I had had an MRI because of some extreme dizziness I had had.) She says my dizziness and tingling and such are coming from somewhere else. So that is good news. I am back to my original thought that I have something going on in my inner ear. She still wanted to do a cervical MRI. I asked what if she sees my neck is out of alignment what would we do... she said physical therapy. So I said let's skip the MRI and try working with my body worker Michael, and let me check out the ENT about the ear. Some how that sounds more direct and less costly.

After the Dr. appt. I drove to Point Reyes. My car seemed to be on auto pilot as I missed my turn to the trail head for Mt Wittenberg and found myself at the parking lot for Limantour Beach.

Happy to be there....

The beach is around Limantour Estuary in Point Reyes. Named after a fellow whose ship sunk here back in the early early days of California. From Olema, you head toward the Point Reyes Information Center on Bear Valley Road, but keep on driving toward lighthouses, until you see the sign for Limantour Beach.

From the parking lot you head toward the beach over a creek running its way to the estuary.

Climb over a sand dune and head toward the water and more solid sand... 7 miles on this loose stuff would KILL me!

The cliffs of Point Reyes remind some folks of the white cliffs of Dover.
A boat seemed to follow me step for step, a testimony to the difficulty of going up coast here by boat.
All along this beach I picked up sand dollars.
The breeze was swift and the sand blew from the land toward the water. Hitting me about ankle high.
Someone was running or tip toeing on the sand. But wait aren't there 6 toes????

No one but the birds and me.
And the boat.
And foot prints telling me some one had walked here before.
Kelp washed ashore.
As I approached the opening to the estuary the waters separated into the ocean in the distance and shallow water closer to shore.

The differences in the water and sand made for beautiful seascapes.

I turned right to walk along the shore of the estuary and found some seals sunning themselves.

I tired to not disturb them.

There was a sign... with nothing on it! Doesn't life feel that way sometimes?
Dunes and grasses

Some weathered relics...

My foot prints in the sand.
Migratory shore birds

They didn't want me too close.
Seagulls in flight
Seagulls at rest
Heading back to the car.

Those birds that were on the beach.... (taken from a sign)
Looking back at the beach from above.

Now that I have done that walk I am encouraged to find another route to Alamenar Falls that wouldnt require me climbing down rocks.... Perhaps next time I will turn right instead of left when I hit the beach.

I got back to the office by 3 pm and managed to sign up a new listing. Now if some of them would start selling I could really celebrate. As it is...How lucky am I? How lucky to live in this miraculous place with a life that allows me to explore what is around me. How lucky to have dodged that bullet with the big "C" on it, to have the time to learn that this is so important. I was given this life to enjoy, to take it all in... and by God I am going to keep on trying.

If in the process if we raise some $$$ to end Cancer well I have you to thank.