Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday I did my favorite training walk. Ferry to SF and a walk back to Sausalito. 12 miles and gorgeous yesterday. With the thought that I should look at each walk as unique, I named this one.... SIGNS

I found though, when looking so carefully to see the signs, I lost the bigger picture. But I did find some pretty interesting signs, like the Government worker on a break "Your recovery dollars at work.." Or as my sister said I hope he put sunscreen on that!

I got home in time to go to an open house in Sonoma, and still get work done at the office. Now that is efficiency in action.

On the Cheers for a Cure front we received a donation of an autographed JUAN MARICHAL baseball and an autographed picture of the Dominican Dandy himself. Hope it brings big buck in the Silent Auction because this is pretty special.

Do you have anything to add to our Auction or Raffle? Have you bought your ticket? This year you can bid online for the silent auction items. You can even give us a reserve bid for the night of the party and we'll bid for you. Send your bid to

Know of a winery who may want to donate or come and pour? Let me know. I need your help.

HELP me make this the BIGGEST success yet!

For your viewing pleasure take a look at SIGNS.... if you are viewing on IPHONE or IPAD use Skyfire to open this link.