Thursday, May 5, 2011

Piecing it together

Time to start planning in earnest for our fund raiser event, CHEERS to a CURE!

I haven't quilted since I went into Real Estate. My quilting center turned into a mini office. My sewing machine started to rust. I decided that it was time to get it out and get busy and create a couple of donation items for the silent auction. Of course as these things go, my sewing machine broker just as I was about to finish the last bit on the last quilt.

I now have a new machine - And 2 quilts

The biggest, the finest, the greatest...

"Hope Blooms"

This quilt is a combination of a few techniques. It uses over $200 worth of materials. The quilting will be extra - I decided to have it finished in Sonoma on a long arm quilting machine.

I will take more pictures once the quilting is done. It's going to be awesome This quilt will fit a queen bed as a coverlet, a full bed or a twin bed. Bright and full of promise, this could be a keep sake for generations. And just think, its tax deductible and will help to end Breast Cancer.

You can bid online on the silent auction, all the way up until I take it to Cheers to a Cure. There, the final bidding will happen. So if you would like me to keep a reserve bid in mind for you, let me know and we will bid for you there.

Starting bid $200 - The value is priceless.... but in materials approx. $500

Quilt #2 - The Baby Quilt - "Fuzzy Ducky"

This sweet quilt is made of flannel and satin, and fuzzy green plush material. It is soft and silky and cozy as can be. The quilting is hand done, with the exception of the edge.

Who do you know who is expecting a wee one... What a great gift idea.
Materials cost $30

This will also be a silent auction item. The starting bid is $25

I am determined to do whatever I can to help end Breast Cancer. I hope you will join me by either donating, bidding on the auction and/or coming to Cheers to a Cure

P.S. They announced the Bat Girl for the Giants. They opted to go for a young Sacramento woman who is a one year survivor. She started a successful team for Race for the Cure last year, and is the co-chair of this year's run for the Sacramento affiliate of Susan G Komen. I had hoped someone who LOVED the Giants would be chosen, and on Mother's Day that a Mother would be chosen. I assume the choice is one that makes sense to the committee, partially because they know her and hopefully that they know her to be a great motivator. Because the most important thing of all is not who throws out the first pitch but who wins this war against Breast Cancer. And that, that we need to do together.

I want to thank everyone who supported me, and still do support me. It means the world.