Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blackie Pasture to Belvedere

A short but special walk with some wonderful people.

You all, who know me, know how much a care about little Olivia. Olivia just finished her chemo and stem cell transplant, then recently had an MRI to check to see if any nasty Cancer was coming back. Honestly, as Olivia's Grandmother said, it was "trust but verify."

I trust that the Cancer is gone.... but I was elated to hear the confirmation today that indeed, no signs of recurrence were seen on the MRI! And Olivia's mood reflected that good news.

We met at Blackie's Pasture which is at the start of one of the most beautiful walks in the world. Its called the Tiburon Linear Park (but locals call the it Tiburon Bike Path). Everytime I walk here I say the same thing, "How lucky are we to live here?" Along the path you can see Sutro Tower and parts of SF , a peak of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Strawberry, Belvedere and the homes of Tiburon. You start at a field that an old horse named Blackie used to call home. Now there is a sculpture in its place, standing in the same pose he did before. The same sway back, and with the same ownership of the land around him.

I picked this path for our walk because it is an easy stroller walk. Olivia is 3, and I remember my daughters. At 3 they were the best hikers... they preferred to ride (usually on their Dad's back or shoulders...) It wasn't long into the walk that Olivia wanted to get out and walk. Well, she didn't walk she ran. It was as if she was running with a new vitality and freedom that circumstance had recently stolen from her and my heart just soared.

VIDEO of Olivia Running!

Well, on we went chatting and planning... What should we do for our fundraiser? Where shall we go for training walks. What's wrong with politicians? Meanwhile Olivia, ran, and walked and smiled and soaked in life. What a great day.

As we came to San Rafael at Belvedere we took a right turn... Hugging the shore I found a bench and snapped a picture of Grandmother, Mother and daughter....Priceless...

Especially when Olivia posed for the 2nd picture... how 3 year old of her...

It's like she is sticking that tongue out to Cancer!
That's right Miss Olivia... you show Cancer whose boss. You make me believe in miracles. And you make me want to walk 5000 miles.

I am walking in 2 walks and will need to raise $2300 for each for a total of $4600. I could certainly use your help. Then we all can help create a world that Olivia and other little girls can live without having to ever worry about Cancer. Wouldn't that be great?