Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zin with a beautiful walk as a chaser

Saturday Glenn and I did something we don't often do, we took the afternoon off together. Our dear friend Jackie and Shawn Gorman are big ZAP supporters (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) and have volunteered for them for years now. ZAP generously donated a package of Zin Festival tickets that we auctioned off at our event for last year's fundraiser. Glenn and I bought these tickets to the Grand Tasting.

Grand it was.... Held in the Concourse in SF, the event is described like this "Savor the journey through the world's most comprehensive single-varietal tasting as you sample from hundreds of barrel samples, new releases and premier Zinfandels. Meet winemakers from each of the unique growing regions and explore the dimensions of this authentically American varietal. This distinctively "A to Zin" experience lets your senses guide a spirited adventure through many tastes of American Heritage Wine."

The concourse is around 3 football field long and wide. It was filled from stem to stern with wines, people, wines and wines. When you walk in they hand you a baguette and a glass. YUMMY! And Jackie and Shawn were perfect hosts pointing us in the right directions.

We enjoyed a personal tasting by Joel Peterson (the Ravenswood guy) and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We had such a good time...

We continued our time off at Hawks Tavern in Mill Valley. Tyler Florence is one of the partners. Found the food to be well priced. I had duck confit and surprise surprise... Glenn had a burger. They need to work on their pretzel though..... Ah aren't I the critic!

Then on Sunday we turned tables. Glenn went back to work ... and I joined my gals Patti and Leslie for a Point Reyes Walk.

I was excited to share on of my favorite walks on this bright and sunny day. Beginning at Bear Valley Visitor Center and and walking 4.1 miles to Arch Rock.

A lot of the walk is shady. This clearing opens up and the sun takes away the winter chill.

Leslie is doing great with the training. I know she is somewhat worried about walking all those miles. But is is so far ahead of where I was on my first walk. She's got this in the bag.

And we are continuing to hope that Pattu will sign up for San Diego. She is going to train with us.
Our sole sister Barbara Bryant has officially signed up for the SD walk. It's real!!!! I am going to walk 2, 3 days this year!

Waterfalls.... trail side. There are few places so beautiful.

The Pacific Ocean in all its glory will be our picnic spot.

Leslie likes to eat. She had a pack full of food. I had a reduced calorie bread peanut butter and jelly.



Beggar Gull

Blow up this photo.... see the gopher. he was the cutest thing ever. Certainly not shy.

These little birds were very polite in their begging.

Patti gave our friend some pieces of apple.

OK.... this shot could be on the cover of Sunset! Team are we there yet.... heading out on a trail in iconic California splendor.

We are hitting our stride with our early training. Next walk scheduled for Tues. I hear from Patty B W, she is walking all of NYC so we better keep walking or she will wear us out.

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