Monday, January 30, 2012


My back was still stinging from the knife that had been used to stab me but not once, not twice but three different times by people in my business life. Two came from agents who aggressively were looking for favors that came out of my unsold listings. And the original knife, of course, came from the client who turned down a wonderful offer on her home, later to re-list with an agent at a much lower price. One of the phone calls I received was from an agent wanting to know all about the house (no longer my listing). Apparently an offer is already coming in on this house at its lower price, with these beautiful sunny days, with this new agent. I could go on and on about the unfairness, tell you stories that would affirm I was wronged, but ultimately its all lunacy and should not occupy much of my attention. I don't know what emotion they are talking about when they say.... "It's a bitter pill best swallowed whole" but this is one of those pills.

On the heels of this, I received an email from my sister about a co-worker who had just died. He passed away after battling Melanoma. His wife is battling Breast Cancer, they have 3 children. Now that... that is unfair.

I later read Bridget's blog "My Big Girl Pants". Bridget hadn't written in months. She is the girl who called me last year to thank me for my fundraising in 2010 and how the money we raised would help pay for her experimental treatment for stage IV Breast Cancer. Bridget was diagnosed at the age of 21.

Her writing puts so much in perspective. She has put aside the dream of children but she is grateful to watch her dog experience its first snowfall. She speaks about a grand adventure this holiday season in Prague and Vienna, walking hand in hand with her Big Man. She speaks with thanks for being able tell her story at a "Getting Started" meeting in Boston. How in doing so she touches people, and they share a tear, and build a resolve and nurture their hope. She says she doesn't feel worthy of the love she feels from this community. And in hearing that I was ashamed for wasting even a thought on the petty things that have been hounding me lately.

I train with two other survivors. They both have been dealt some real blows in their lives. I am glad I was reminded this afternoon that what should matter is love, hope, patience and courage. People who matter should lift you up and not push you down. Life is too precious of a gift to spend it with people who cause you to question any of this. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire. I am one lucky girl and I thank you all. If you don't know who you are.... I could name names!