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When did you decide to walk and why?

I belong to a group on Facebook called "You know you are a 3 day walker when..." There is definitely something special about 3 day-ers. Some of the posts have been like this... "You know you are a 3 day walker when you can't wait for the training to start so you can wear all the pink things you bought on sale during the winter."

I decided to pose a different question and the answer just keep on coming. The question I asked was "When did you decide to sign up for the Susan G Komen 3 day, and why?" After reading these answers, I felt you all should know, I am not the only one out there who has caught the 3 day bug. All these people have super powers, exceeded all their own expectations and have taken the concept of community to an entirely different level. Here are their responses.

Sherry: When my mother was diagnosed in August of 2010. It was too late to walk that year so I immediately signed up for my first walk in 2011 in DC and upon completing that walk, I came home and signed up for 2012. I will walk in her honor, in memory of those that can't walk for themselves and for those still fighting the fight. WE MUST FIND A CURE :)

Michelle: January 2009 I decided after thinking about doing it for 5 years that I was just going to Do It! No breast cancer in our family but other types of cancer. I'm not in the medical field but wanted to help find a cure. 2012 will be my 4th walk!

Kelly: My sister in law was diagnosed the day after I ran in the Race for a cure. It was at that moment I was determined to do everything I could. I found the 3 day a couple weeks later and signed up.

Lori: When I heard of my sister's diagnosis. We'd grown up knowing that there was a history of breast cancer in our family but her diagnosis is the first of our generation and that had a huge impact on me. Not only because it made it more real for me but also because in my mind it meant that my daughter's generation was next and, eventually, my grand daughters's generation.
I walk so that my daughter and my granddaughters never had to hear the words, 'You have breast cancer."

Roxanne: The first time I had ever seen the commercials. I have wanted to do it for years and years, but you know, circumstances! Two years ago, I finally got up the guts to plan one. I lost a very dear cousin 11 years ago, and my sister in law and of my besties are survivors. I became very involved when I lost my cousin. This year will be my second and hopefully 3rd. I would like to walk two of them this year if I can raise the money....:)

Jim: Four years after my mom died from breast cancer and waiting for someone to find a cure, I realized that I needed to become part of the community that found the cure. Less than a day later, I heard the SGK 3-day for the Cure radio commercial and decided that was where I wanted to make a difference. Eighteen walks later, I've never looked back. We are making a difference as a community and we will continue to do so until a cure is found! ♥

(Jim walked in all 14 3 days last year... wow!)

Amy: After my grandmother died in 2007 of a recurrence of a breast cancer she had 30 years earlier. I couldn't find anyone to walk that far with me until I spent a year in Northern VA after my husband was re-activated into the AF. A girl I met ...through a mutual friend, who became a very dear friend, wanted to do it and I said I'm in!! By that time I walked mainly for my grandmother but my 3 daughters as well. My mother in law is a survivor, my best friends mom is a survivor and a girl I graduated HS with was diagnosed at 29. My motto was feet I put on my hat with everyone's names and a quote that said, I wear pink ribbons on my shirt so the only pink ribbons my daughters will have to wear are in their hair!! One walk and I'm addicted :) one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Jay: I turned 40 and was complaining about my lack of volunteer involvement and lack of any chance to contribute to my community, caused by my insane travel schedule for a work. A friend who'd done the 2007 Cleveland 3-Day randomly said "you could always come walk the DC 3-Day with me this October." I said "What the hell" and signed up. That was 11 walks ago.

Keith: I needed to do something more fulfilling in my life than to just donate money. I decided I was going to do something about it and I saw a 3Day ad on TV within a couple of days and it brought tears to my eyes and knew instantly what I was going to do! Now I'm going to walk my 5th Boston 3Day! Hope to meet a lot of you along the way!

Bonnie: I had turned 60 and was feeling very depressed about getting "old." A good friend and co-worker mentioned she was going to a 3-Day get started meeting. She knew of course that I'm a survivor and asked if I'd like to go too. Long story shorter, we both signed up that day. 2012 will be my seventh walk - and I've never felt better about anything in my life. And btw, not feeling old at all!

Anne Marie: The weekend my mom died...I didn't realize I would become so addicted (in a good way!) to it.

Vicki: ‎2006 standing in the shower and thought "You should do that" and I did.

Brandi: I've always had this special spot in my heart for breast cancer events. My Mom and I have planned events in our small town attend them etc. but nothing BIG. Every year I would see those 3 day commercials every year I would say I'm going to that. Never did. Then I met Diane. At first she was just a customer that shopped at our store then she became a friend of my Mom's (my Mom and I work together at the store she owns) then my friend. We were on our way to New York for a buying trip when Diane broke the news that she thought she had breast cancer. I say thought because at this point it was only confirmed through what she read on the pathology report that she was told to pick up to bring to her next Dr. appt. I was amazed that Diane could "run off to the city" knowing she was just diagnosed with cancer and still laugh and have a great time. A few months later after Diane lost her breast and hair all with a smile that 3 day commercial slapped me in the face. I decided that if Diane can do that I can do 3 days and 60 miles. No more saying someday. Best experience ever. I can't imagine not being involved in some way shape or form.

Cheryl: Back in 2008, I did the Avon walk in DC. Didn't do much til I got word that my BFF (Sherry's mom) was diagnosed in August of 2010! I knew then that this was a fight I wanted to "WIN". To put an end to Breast Cancer! I h...ave known Sherry for some time now, we were each other Maid of Honors, we were pregnant at the same time ( 2 Peas in a Pod)….and I love her to death! Now her Daughter and my Daughter are BFF’s and this is why I fight!!!

Kristian: After my mom's diagnosis, treatment and "All clear" was given, I needed to find a way to give back for everything everyone had done for us. She was put on a clinical trial that kicked the cancer's butt and she didn't get sick and was living life pretty normally (well, as normal as it can be dealing with cancer). I don't know why I went to the 3Day website, but I found myself there and before I knew it, was signing up. After hitting '"Submit", I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I wrote and e-mail to my brother (the other half of what would be "The TuTu Brothers") and sister (one-fifth of "The TuTu Family") and sheepishly told them what I had done and asked if anyone was with me. Less than a minute later, my brother replied that he was on his way to register. My sister couldn't due to the growing family, but said she'd be with us all the way.
Looking back, I'm grateful that I hit "Submit" that day and I've thanked God for it everyday.

Kristina: My college roomie and good friend, Kathy had it on her bucket list. She wanted to do it before we turned 45. My mom had been diagnosed 16 years back and I had been doing the Race for the Cure events. My mom was diagnose...d again with metastatic bc in 2008 after 16 years with nothing, that was all I needed to tell Kathy, LET'S DO THIS....little did I know the wonderful 3-Day world I was entering, and my life was forever changed and I am forever grateful to Kathy for having this on her bucket list :)

Kiley: My ex-husband's cousin fought breast cancer for 13 years. A mom's Internet group that I was a part of had some people who did it, and so I did my first in her honor, in Boston. I was instantly and forever changed. She passed away the foll...owing year, and so I've done it in her memory since. Since starting the walks, my aunt was diagnosed and recovered in 2009. Moreover, I've learned so much more and made so many lifelong friends from this event. I've promised to walk until I don't have to walk any longer.

Becky: My college roommate and one of my best friends sent me a message out of the blue in early 2010, asking if I would be interested in walking. I already had experience with breast cancer, having watched another friend's mother go through it--...we lost her when my friend was only 16. Two months before the 2010 walk I found out that a friend at church had just been diagnosed. Then in 2011 three more church friends were diagnosed, so I kept walking. This past Thanksgiving my sister was diagnosed, so I'll keep walking.

Bonnie Cooper: All these beautiful, though sometimes sad posts bring tears to my eyes. But really, there is a very special bond between our community that is like no other, and "like the way the world should always be." In one of the videos (on the site, someone says, and I'm paraphrasing here, "it's hard work, but you get back ten times what you put into it....." I'd say we get back 10 MILLION times what we give. Hugggggs!

Mandy: Like Vicki, I also had a "you should do that" moment. But then I had a "But I'm too overweight, it's going to be too hard, I can't raise that kind of money, they say I can't possibly do it" kind of moment. THEN I had a "well, if don't do it, then in 15 years or 5 or 1 year from now your mom or sister or daughter or YOU get cancer you are going to be pissed that you didn't do something" kind of moment. So then, I had an "EFF IT! I'm doing this thing! Watch me!" kind of moment. And here I am, 5 years later. ;)

Carol: In 2005 a member of my husbands family was diagnosed. This was my first experience with breast cancer. I am unsure what type she had but I know that it was probably stage 4. She was diagnosed that summer and passed away before Thanksgiving.... She had three daughters, and one of them was pregnant with her first child. I was heartbroken for them. I signed up after hearing a commercial. I then became pregnant and had to put it off. Like a few friends have already stated, I had one of those wow moments. I had a dream in January of 07 that I walked. That was my first year and this October will be my fourth year walking and my third time crewing. For my daughter and many other amazing people I have met along the way, I am in it to win it!!!

Nancy: In 2007 when my co-worker said Nanc you have to see the pink tents at Belmont I drove by when I left work and pulled over just to stare at the sea of hot pink..I had goosebumps just looking at it and what it represented for me ...and so many others....let's just say that I wasn't feeling my best that year...but I decided then and there I was walking next year and a couple months after my poison potion(as I like to refer to it) was finished ..there I was...captain of a team ...loving every minute and haven't thought for a sec about not walking again...I can't not walk...2012 will be year 5! Actually its 5 years this month since my 1st surgery.

Mel: I decided to walk after I finished my first round of Chemo. I heard they were doing the Twin Cities walk and how could I possibly not. My friend Shelly(We met in Chemo treatments) and I signed up and looked at each other and went we survive...d Chemo we can do this. Sadly, Shelly lost her battle three days before the 2009 walk. I walked with her in my heart and in her shoes for her girls. It was not a choice but a true calling for me. When I arrived to the city of tents in 2009 I went in tot he survivors tent and put up Shelly information and stood there crying silently. I hear these words uttered on the air, "Never give up but always in your heart." I still have her shoes and I will be bringing them with me to Philly and S. F.

Jan: My daughter saw an ad back for the 2001 Avon 3-Day and asked if I would join her. We participated on October 2001 in Atlanta and 2012 will be mt 10th 3-Day! I met a group of wonderful folks in 2004 and we formed the team Individuals United in Washington DC and have been participating ever since. For 2012 we are hoping to reach the $300,000+ mark for fundraising!

Pinky B. Oldfatguy: ‎3 of my sisters and a niece walked Chicago in 2K4, then the niece and her sister did it in 2K5. One of the nieces Med Crew'ed 2K6. No one was going to d it in 2K7 so I stepped in. Been there 5 times now, raised over $18000 in 5 walks and I am signed and primed for 2K12 and walk #6.

Barbara: I decided in April 2011 that i would be walking in 2012 as i still needed some reconstruction surgeries myself in 2011 in Aug/Sept. I have done the 5K's yearly since my diagnosis late in 2008. I still worry if I will be able to complete the full 60 miles but that is my goal! I have some great team members I will be walking with who are veteran walkers!

Karen Conklin: I heard something about it on the radio and I thought that I'd like to do the walk in honor of my aunt. I went to check out the website and when I saw the "raise money" part I knew it wasn't happening at that point and forgot about it. Fast... forward to March of a year and a half later and I was bored at the gym and needed a challenge, something to work for, and went back to the site and found an information meeting and signed up. When I called my mom, I was so excited, and she told me my other aunt had been diagnosed THAT DAY (I had no idea there was even a problem with her). It was meant to be.

Carrie: When my friend Kim told me she couldn't walk because her breast cancer had spread to her lungs. So I walked for her. And I still walk for her, 2012 will be my ninth 3 day. And I will keep walking till there is a cure. Then I can rest.

Sharon: The day I completed my first round of chemo and radiation....I am 4th generation breast cancer in my family...I never want her to have to look into the eyes of her children and explain just exactly what "mommy has breast cancer" means....Sh...e was 4....My husband walked when I was sick to walk for myself...this year we will walk together, my daughter who is now 13 is planning on signing up for the youth corps, she has cheered us and helped raise money every year...I'm not the only survivor in the family...we all are!

Michelle: I decided to walk in 2008 after I lost my sister (who would've turned 30 on her birthday) to breast cancer. A group of us decided to walk in Atlanta that year because the last day of the walk was on my sister's birthday. I walked 28 of the 60 miles with a broken foot and I enjoyed every single minute of it, pain and all! The pain that I had was nothing compared to the pain that she went through.

Mary: In 2008 I supported my sister who walked in honor of her friend and my sister in law that walked in memory of her mom at DC. 2009 was a rough year as we lost both my moms brothers to cancer, we had lost our dad to cancer when I was 9. That ...same year my daughter cut her honeymoon short due to a lump that ended up benign. When my sister returned from the 2009 walk I told her I had to join her. We had a long discussion and by the end of our call I realized that while I might never walk I could crew. This year will be my 3rd and 4th walk to sweep. I volunteer to drive and very few people ever realize that I have limited up and down movement and no rocker movement in my left foot. Cancer took the important men in my life but the 3 day gives me hope for a cure in my lifetime.

Pala: The walk came directly in front of my house in 2007, 2 years after I had completed my treatments. It was emotional to stand in the yard and cheer walkers on, but I did (my husband couldn't handle it). They came by again in 2008 and this t...ime we knew about it in advance so we made up some signs as well as cheered them on (this year my husband was able to handle it a little). In 2009 I decided I needed to see what it was like to experience it from the Walker side, just once. Yeah, I was only going to do it once. HA! I actually registered for 2010 before my 2009 event even took place! Not only did I walk in 2009, but I have done 2 walks in 2010, 2011 and will again in 2012! :D And my husband will be Crewing his 4th, 5th and 6th events this year. He's come a long way, baby! (I will also be getting my first Crew experience this year) I walk so that my grandchildren and their generation will not have to be concerned about this disease and hopefully will only read about it in history books.

And me? Well, I had heard those commericals for years. As a survivor I would look at them and say... that's nice those atheletes would go and torture themselves like that. But.... I could never do that. I said every time I first heard those commericals... "Everyone deserves a lifetime."

Yes I thought, they do. But me, I am an overweight aging woman, with a bad back and bad knee. I am busy I thought. I think I also thought if I walked in a 3 day I would catch it again. Then I got a phone call from Patti, my very dear friend. She told me she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Almost at the exact same moment there was one of those commericals on the TV. Somehow I felt like I could at least try. That was 3 walks ago. I am walking in my 4th and 5th walks this year. What I found along the way was I wasn't as old as I thought, I was far more fit than I imagined, my knees didn't hurt as much, my back stopped aching, I lost a few pounds (few being operative)
and I found I wasn't going to catch Cancer I was going to beat it's hinny. I found my power. A power I never knew I had. I saw that same power in the people walking with me. AND I will never give up until this is a world without Breast Cancer. I am so so so very proud to walk with these magnificent people. the best of the best. Heroes all.

So how about you.... are you still thinking about it? 3 days - 60 miles? You can do that!

Even if you don't you could crew, or go and cheer. You can donate to the walk and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Together we will be the cure in our lifetime. to sign up

$25 discount going on right now.... DO IT!

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