Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's that on your shoe?

My, my this is a fine mess you got us into Ollie....

When the news hit, I received email, tweets and messages asking what I thought about this new development. Susan G Komen, pulling funding, turning its back on the beleaguer Planned Parenthood. Let me start by saying, I appreciate whatever your stance is on abortion. I disagree with those who tried to vilify Planned Parenthood as the poster child for abortion. I completely disagree. What I know is what when we were younger, friends without insurance, could go and have the health issues addressed at Planned Parenthood. I know women who had Breast Cancer discovered and treated were advocated for because of Planned Parenthood. The people it has severed have been the under insured...and for 6 years Komen has funded this organization not heavily but significantly. Last year it was $680,000 the year before $580,000 for the entire country, for the entire year! When you consider how much Komen invests in research and other services, it is a small amount. The donate 93 million a year to outreach services alone. Heck in DC we made 7.2 MILLION in 3 days! BUT it is politically charged. I resented it when people wouldn't donate because Komen funded Planned Parenthood and I have a hard time understanding those who will withdraw their support because they have stepped back.

I wrote to Komen, that to me it is like someone you loved walked out the door with a piece of toilet paper on their shoe. You are embarrassed for them, You wish they would just straighten up and pay attention. I understand much of the funding given to Planned Parenthood for mammogram and screening was difficult to implement and some money wasn't well used... well Komen then you have something people can understand if you redirect the funds. Not "We have a new policy not to fund organizations under investigations by congress." That would make us all slaves to political agendas. And that is exactly what many people are seeing. Some of your most ardent supporters.

I majored in PR in college. If this had been a class in how not to implement a new policy then Komen would have gotten an A+... But it isn't and they therefore have failed miserably.

But, in the end this organization that walked out the door with a piece of toilet paper on their shoes, is someone I love. I love that they have saved thousands and thousands of lives. I love that they have funded the research that will find an end to Breast Cancer. I will continue to walk. And if after all of this you cannot understand why, read what my 3 day friend says in his blog. He had a knack of summing up exactly what I am thinking.


Tell you what I think. I think Planned Parenthood just had an influx of cash. That is a good thing. I think Komen has gained some Pro-life donors and lost some Pro-choice donors, and that is very very bad. As bad as it was to withhold funding, finding a cure because Planned Parenthood got money to pay for mammograms, it is equally as bad to withhold funds for finding a cure because the funds for outreach are directed in a different direction. It's about a cure my friends. I have two close friends right now battling Breast Cancer, they deserve a cure. Your children deserve a cure. It isn't political it is human. Susan G Komen is still the best equipped organization to find a cure to Breast cancer in our lifetimes - evenwith a piece of toilet paper on their shoe. I hope they wise up and take a long hard look in the mirror, reverse their decision. But in the meantime, excuse me while I walk.

Everything we see is a shadow of that which we do not see.

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