Friday, January 20, 2012

They are RUNNING - But I am walking....

There are a lot of people running these days. You hear the ads incessantly. The news is full of them... New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and trust me there's more to come. It made me think that I should write my own ad. I am walking this year not for political office but for what I think is even more important.

I'm walking 120 miles over six days this fall in San Francisco and San Diego to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, find a cure and support those going through this devasting disease.

I'm walking about 600 miles while training for these events because as far as we have come, there is further we need to go.

I'm walking because I, like Susan G Komen founder Nancy Brinker, have made a promise to never give up until there is a cure.

I'm walking to ensure that everyone gets the lifetime she or he deserves.

I'm walking to make sure that every mom gets to help her daughter pick out her prom dress or dance with her son at his wedding.

I'm walking to make sure that no woman has to hear the words "You have breast cancer."

I'm walking because I believe that we can end Breast Cancer in my lifetime.

I'm walking because I was tired of sitting on the sidelines.

I'm walking because research costs money and the more money we raise the more likely it is we will find a cure.

I'm walking to make sure that underinsured women don't have to choose between paying the rent and having a mammogram.

I'm walking for those who lost their battle too young.

I'm walking because I won my battle 16 years ago and because I can walk when they cannot.

I'm walking because Susan G Komen has funded research no one else has, and that funding has led to some true game changing advances.

I'm walking because one person does make a difference but together we can move mountains.

I'm Cathy Youngling and I approved this message.
To support this campaign to end Breast Cancer, please donate.