Friday, January 13, 2012


In bright Marin sunshine, on a cool January day, I met my original walking partner and fellow survivor Patti to walk to Cavallo Point from the Mill Valley border. My fellow walkers, that is 10 miles! Yippee the first post Christmas double digit walk and one of my favorites.

What makes a great training walk? For me it is comprised of three things.
1. Variety - it has hills and flat, city and nature, views and points of interest.
2. The company you keep. Walking alone has its place and sometimes that is exactly what is best for the day, but walking with your best friend is always a gift. Walking with a new friend is wonderful too. Walking with your husband is special in its own remarkable fantastic way.
3. A reward. I really love long walks punctuated with rewards. Half way treats are a great way to break the walk up. A treat at the end somehow isn't as motivating..... But I'll take it!

So Cavallo Point as a destination has always been one of my favorite walks.
Yesterday we started at Patti's houseboat and hit the road. We weave through houseboats and make our way along the bayfront to downtown Sausalito, walking by the ferry and tourists and shops. Then along Bridgeway the views are spectacular. Walking up a hill until we make a turn to Cavallo we pass some of the original homes in Sausalito. Walking down into Cavallo you get to see the Golden Gate National Recreation Area raw and natural (ooh you do pass by and smell the sewage treatment plant! ) Then you see it... Cavallo Point. This amazing place used to be a military base. Now it is a collection of charming period buildings surrounding a parade grounds. Some beautiful new buildings cling to the hillside above, all enjoying views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. This Lodge is a community resource and also is the home of the Golden Gate Institute and a wonderful Integrated Health and Wellness Center, a cooking school and a spa. But Patti and I were heading to Murray Circle (A Michelin Star Restaurant ).

So basically, this walk has it all. We shared a spectacular flatbread with smoked mushrooms, truffle oil, arugula and shaved pecorino cheese. A lovely salad with local greens, toasted hazelnuts and grapefruit. And we shared our beautiful spot on the deck in our cushioned, pillowed seats at our table with a view. YUP this is perfection.

By the time we got back to her house we had walked 10 miles and enjoyed every minute. It felt so reassuring to know I could still walk the distance without pain or effort. This bodes well for completing 2 - 3 days!

The next walk certainly will have its own beauty. I am excited to start adventuring on the way to the 3 days 2012!


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