Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding home

The Canadian Goose stands with his eyes alert
surveying the reedy grasses of the marsh
while his true love scourers for substance.
They have found their home in Marin

The rain has abated and
the skies fill again with gulls
circling in search of a treat .
The ducks swim, heads in the water,
tails in the air, quickly grabbing
minnows as they pass.

The goose thinks back
into the recesses of his genetic memory
to a time when he would have flown further south
Marin was a stopping point only, not a destination,
not home .

But having found bounty and beauty
on the shores of Richardson Bay
He and his family have put down roots.
Their entire migration once thousands of miles
Is now within sight .

Why move when you have found sanctuary?

Come visit me at 100 Shoreline Hwy. #115B - Mill Valley
I may end up like that goose and stay awhile.
Or if you are looking for YOUR Marin sanctuary, I have one for you at 463 Live Oak.
Visit the website and you will see...