Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, rain to walk or not....

It's 7am and the alarm has sounded. The dogs look up at me with half masted eyes wondering if I really meant to jump out of bed in the semi dark. I wobble my way to my cellphone and type a message to Patti, "so...walk? its a little wet". Patti responded "Let's do it before I chicken out." So I up on my warmest walking clothes with a jacket over and met up with her at 8am.

The plan had been to walk to Cavallo for our Sunday breakfast early enough for me to get back for a 1pm open house. The walk to Cavallo and back is 10 miles so it requires a good block of time, especially if you don't want to rush through your latte.
As we headed down the street the mist began to leave my glasses like a frosted glass of beer. As we tend to do on our walks we talk. We talk about work, we talk about our dreams, we talk about life. And yes, chances are if you are not there... we may talk about you! It a wonderful time that helps to minimize any tight muscles or inclement weather. Before you know it there you are...sitting down in a world class restaurant, sampling some wonderful breakfast muffin while the frothy latte warms you from the inside out.

I love these walks.

When I envision what I want in life it is more of this. More time. More time to enjoy the beautiful place we live and the wonderful people I call friends. I smile when I think about the new year as I smiled when I got back, dressed for my open house and headed off. They say you can't have it all... but it you make it important enough, you an get awfully darn close. I can have mornings like this with my dear friend and still hold an open house on a fine Greenbrae home ...all on a rainy day. Now to make to make it perfect... let's find a buyer to buy that great house.