Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year and a New Walk!

New Years.
It's a challenge and a promise all at the same time.
On one hand you know the year ahead will not be perfect. Certainly there will be times when you will be overwhelmed with work, with crisises. It is after all... life and life does that to us. All the better then for the promise the new year holds.

For me, by embracing another go at the Breast Cancer 3 day, I know the year will hold moments of personal triumph. Because of the wonderful people who will be walking with me, it will also be a year of deep connection with people I care about. Two of those people are my daughters.

When your children grow and move away it feels a lot like you have lost a part of your anatomy. I remember leaving Allison at Kindergarten the first time. I honestly felt like my arm had been cut off. When I left Katie at nursery school for the first time I hid around the corner and listened to see if she would be crying. Cellphones are great, but have you ever discovered sarcasm doesn't translate well in text? (I have gotten into more than one misunderstanding with my daughters this way over the years) There is never really any substitute for being together. I am truly excited that we three will be together, because there are no people more important to me in this world. Knowing Katie made the committment to come from Washington State, and Allison from Denver, and knowing they will be training far away from our training walks means even more. Thank you both for inspiring me.

I am thrilled that Patti will be continuing her walk with me this year too. Last year she faced cancer, and stood up to it and won! This year she and I both, survivors will continue grow together as strong warriors. I love our walks to Cavallo Point, and hope to have many many more.... in addition to bridge crossings and maybe winery jaunts.... Patti, my friend and sister 2010 will be our year!

Also joining us will be my friend and Katie's God Mom Stephanie. Stephanie felt moved to take this journey because while she followed my walk, she found out two associates of hers also were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am so happy Stephanie will walking with us. Over the years we have been as close as you can get, she and her husband Chuck, and Glenn and me. But as life presents its challenges and we get involved with work and other things, we haven't seen as much of each other as either one of us would like. In 20-10, we will be able to talk and walk, discover our strength and blow our husbands away (figuratively not literally).

Cathy Shea is another new member, and I am very much looking forward to getting to know her. Cathy is a Breast Cancer survivor and a friend of Patti's. When a survivor takes this walk there is a magical thing that happens. With every step you feel more and more powerful. Every step is a step toward control over your own life. That was the best gift of 2009 for me, I regained my power, over cancer and in doing that gained power over my own life.

So here it is 20-10. My business life will be juggled with my personal life and that... that is a good thing. One thing I discovered last year was how much better work is, when you feel you have spent some time doing something else. Especially if that is an important thing like help in ending Cancer. Things in balance always function better and that includes your life.

Are you ready to take up the challenge of 2010? If you are, find your passion, put your soul into it and watch how your whole life blossoms. You may still have a neighbor who annoys you, or a range that needs replacing. You might get a flat tire and have to change it yourself. A dog might bite you, or you could lose your front tooth... but I guarantee you this... for me, after a day like that, I know, the minute my feet hit the pavement, and I start walking, I feel like those things are pretty small after all. They are not nearly as important as the wind in my face, and the beating of my heart. They don't carry a candle to having my two daughters and great great friends along side me. They pale in comparison to the idea that thousands of woman will be walking together as the fuel that powers the engine that finds a cure for cancer.

WALK with me.
Have a great 2010!
DONATE as your first donation of the year.
Make this year a year of promises fulfilled.