Thursday, January 14, 2010

From Peru

Our eldest daughter is currently doing an intership in Peru for the State Department.
Sorry to so completely steal this from my daughter's email and post it without permission,
but it is decidedly entertaining. Enjoy....

"The VIP was here today, but we didn't see him --
he was off meeting with the president and doing VIP type

We did gather around the TV and listen to his press
conference for a
few minutes. He doesn't speak any Spanish, so they had
someone translating all of
his answers. Someone was asking him about
U.S.-backed programs to
combat narcotrafficking in Colombia, and whether we might
see some
more implementation in Peru. So he delivered this mini-speech about
drug traffickers. At one point, he chuckled to himself and said
something along the lines of, "In the United States, we have a game
called whack-a-mole. It's similar to how I see the drug trade in South
America. You might get them somewhere, but then they're going to
reappear somewhere else."

Later, I was on my way to lunch, and a Peruvian with the press section sidled up to me with her notebook.

She cleared her throat and thought for a moment.

"Excuse me, please?"
"I have one question for you."
"Go ahead."
"In United States, there is a game, whack-a-mole?"
"Yes, there is."
She pulled out her pencil, poised to take notes. "But please tell me, how do you spell 'whack'?"

Just thought I would share this because it made me smile....

Speaking of smiles, 2010 is making me smile. Yesterday I went to a goal setting session that our manager gives called Vision Quest. It was more than business planning, it was life planning.

Picture this and come along for the ride...we are all held back by some pretty serious baggage. How many times have you told yourself what you cannot do. I certainly was a prime example of this, when it came to physical things, before I started my 3-day journey last March. I would never have been able to complete the walk, unless I gave up that useless, old rhetoric. I started out saying, I am going to do this walk. I didn't tell anyone for 2 weeks, but I started walking. I started to believe it was possible so I took a huge risk and said it our loud "I am doing the Breast Cancer 3 day." Next thing I know other people are believing it too... after that there was no stopping me. It all began by allowing the idea to be possible.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. You are no longer held back by anything. Anything is possible. Imagine a place you would love to be 5 years from now. Who is there. What are you doing. What does your life look like. Make it as detailed as you can.

In this very simplified version of what I did yesterday you may find that still there are barriers in your way. It is hard to start believing you can do what you dream most of doing. Of being what you have always hoped to be. It is even a little scary. But when you let go of boundaries and limits and you truly start to believe anything in possible, you are no longer afraid to venture out and grab what you want.

The 3 day walk taught me this in a way I never thought I'd understand. I thought for the most part my life had few limits. I was successful and confident and not afraid of attempting most things. But...when it came to physical things (exercise, sport, weight and such)...I knew I just couldn't be expected to be able to compete, because I was incapable. Now, by taking those first few scary steps, I came from believing to knowing to actually doing to celebrating my victory over that fear.

My wish for you all is to let go of your limits and soar.

I feel like I am soaring when I read Allison's words about her journey. It a vicarious feeling I get imaging her spreading her wings and enjoying the view. Good for you for pursuing your passion. Have a great flight.