Saturday, January 16, 2010

Into the storm

Making the most of the temperate weather of the moment, in advance of a storm, birds will fly inland, stopping along the way to feed. They are preparing themselves for the lack of ideal dining conditions in the days ahead. From my office I noticed more shorebirds than usual busily working the marshland. They moved in a group so as to be sure not to miss any tasty morsel. It's a sign....

When the wind arrives they will hunker down placing their heads into the wind. Their tightly streamlined bodies rippling over their feathers conserving their body heat in the falling temperatures. We should take a lesson from the birds, it is wise to prepare for the storms that may face you...

So it is supposed to rain for a week solid....

The weather reports are all full of dire warning about wave after wave of wet windy weather headed straight to the Bay Area. Flooding is to expected, with nary a minutes reprieve. What's a poor walker to do?

Well, seize the day of course and go out and take a good long walk. And that is just what I did yesterday. I had a couple of meetings (appropriately enough, planning meetings) in the morning, and then I donned my shoes, grabbed a coat along with a couple of extra layers and headed out from the Sausalito Yacht club for the bridge.
The end goal was the Ferry building in SF, hopefully in time to grab a bite and the 4:00 Ferry back to Sausalito. As I walked the cool air pelted my face and I decided to stop at a small touristy shop to buy the little pink knit hat I saw "on sale" for $5.99. The hat is not one I normally would wear. Emblazoned with "San Francisco USA" it does everything buy scream "I'm not from around here." Which of course we know is not the truth since I am after all the "REAL MARIN GAL!" But as I walked I was glad to have it on, warming my ears and keeping my hair from wildly flying about.

This particular walk I have done a number of time now, and if you look back at the blog archives you will see a variety of photos of those walks. This time, alone and a little cold, and certainly a little rusty for a walk of this length, I was determined to take my time and look closely as I walked for new angles, new details I may have missed before.
So take a look at my Cathy heads into the wind, ahead of a storm.

Fireboat off Sausalito waterfront..Maybe they are preparing too?
Breakwater off Bridgeway

No matter what the weather there always seems to be a gull on this statue...

My tourist special

On the bridge, bundled up people

In the background these Aussie's were prepared with their flag

The view is always so much better on the shoulders of your Dad

Walking down the path from the bridge
The bricks were paid for by people who donated in the names of family for posterity

The work has begun for the demolition of Doyle drive. These trees are on the side of the staircase that takes you down to Crissy Field.
Fort Point at the base of the bridge

Me along the Crissy Field beach
The work in progress for the big re-routing of Doyle Drive. Since they are doing so much work over here and the road way will be temporarily taken through this area, word has it the 3-day camp will need to be relocated. This is sad because the venue was breathtaking and the grass very soft.
But I guess there is no stopping it now.
No sir...
Good news for duck and such, they don't have to be relocated.

Nor the egrets.

Nor the Sr. Francis

Nearing the Marina Green...

Looking up Divisadero. Now that's a hill....I remember driving a clutch on it... FUN!
No comment
Another angle of the marina behind the harbormaster

Along the seawall there are benches where people have dedicated the bench to their loved ones. I particularly liked the sentiment on this one... "A man should so live that at the close of every day he can repeat "I have not wasted my day' mZohar

The gate at Fort Mason

The Festival Pavilion.

A reminder about earthquakes. We do live in earthquake country. My prayers to the people of Haiti. Have you donated yet? Maybe this could be the beginning of a long overdo rebuilding of that poor nation. One organization I have always sponsored is Mercy Corps. Hard at work there now, they were there prior to this devastating event. To donate go to MERCY CORPS
Looking over the side of a barrier on the way to Aquatic Park

There is an old building I think it is a fire building that they are set to renovate and earthquake retro fit. The fret work on the eaves of this roof are beautiful.
This is where Van Ness Avenue ends.
Boats hauled out
This artist soul was making sand sculpture. He made one of a turtle that reminded me of one that Katie had made in Tonga. That, like this one will, has long since washed away.
Another man was making sculptures with wood and very hard packed sandballs.
I took the turn to walk down Hyde Street Pier
Fisherman's Wharf

Bodins Bakery

Street performer. It seemed that there were more than usual this trip. Maybe with fewer tourists out, I just could see more. This fellow moved to Michael Jackson music.

There are manypiece of street art along the embarcadero. This one at Pier 39. You can't easily see the colored glass in the same colors as the primroses below.

Here are the water works for the Aquarium. They are very clean... and neat!

Not like this old boat. It looks like it is ready for Captain Ron.

There is a dinner theater along the embarcadero, and I have always loved their huge painted billboard display.

Is it a he or a she????
Ta Da! At the Ferry Building

Reward - Melon AquaFresca

The Ferry "Marin" home...
Then of course once you are home you find other ways to prepare for the storm, like cuddling up with the one you love.
It's a new year and it is time we all prepare to make it a great one. I have done some looking ahead to my personal goal in 2010 and I can thank 2009 as being the year that taught me the importance of balance in my life. I am excited about the future. I am even more excited because I truly believe I can change it for the better. The days ahead will not be without their challenges, nor will they be without their reward. The open we are to this the more likely we are to learn from the challenges and savor our successes.
How about you? What's your future look like? When the weather is rough, will you have your head into the wind so when the conditions are right, you can take flight? Or will you be battered about, with no direction or purpose, a victim of your circumstances?
I have to tell you.... this walking is quite enlighting.... you have to come along.