Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sitting in my new office

100 Shoreline Hwy. Ste 115, Mill Valley

The clouds are creeping left to right over Richardson Bay. The water has receded from the shore leaving an expanse of tidal mud potholed like a shiny moonscape. The birds sit at the water's collecting delicious treats with each peck. I hear the sound of the freeway faintly in the background. A man rides by on his bike by my window as though he were lost. Strawberry Point, with its homes clinging to the side of the cliff, and Belvedere in the distance reminds me I am a Realtor and they are the objects of my affection. This is my new office.
It took me a long time to decide whether to leave my Corte Madera office. Here was the merry band of renegades who mutinied and left Pacific Union one year ago. Here, were the great people who supported me in my walk. I always found the people there genuinely warmer than most Realtors and an extended family of sorts. But in opening the Mill Valley office I was presented an opportunity to grow once again. Since it is a new office, the direction it takes will take on the personality of those who are first there. I hope I will be part of a positive and exciting time for Alain Pinel in Marin. I look forward to being here. Besides... those Corte Madera folks can be the target of some great walks north.

New years, new directions and it is time to examine what works and what could be improved upon. Last year taught me how important it is to do something beyond yourself... and this I do not plan on changing. The new office sits right on the walking path that I have used countless times in my training for the 3 day. It has the added benefit of being very close to Patti's home. I could pick up my phone right now and call and say.. I am coming over and be at her houseboat sipping a class of chardonnay in 5 minutes. Hmmmm. sounds like a good idea... Or I could dtart from here for our great walks to Cavallo point. Choices, choices.

Come to visit me.

It's going to be a great year!