Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How's your chi?

All is right with the world.
My fine friend, client and feng shui consultant Amy Lee came to review the year ahead and my new office and guess what? I was right, it's going to be a GREAT year. It will be a year to build relationships and write...to teach and inspire. The office (with the exception of the placement of the desk) is just about as perfect as it gets for me. Now that I have moved the desk it is absolutely perfect in every way.

A lot of feng shui makes logical sense. It is amazing to me that almost always the suggestions go right along with my instincts.

To understand feng shui you should really visit Amy's website. But basically it is the study of the flow of energy in nature and its effect on us human beings. The study includes the placement of natural elements like mountains and water, and how we fit into that picture.

So sitting at my desk now I know, what I felt, there is a good balance of water, and hills. The energy can flow in and out and not be stagnant like the bay itself, changing with the tides. This should keep me in the same state, balanced.

Hey I know some people, maybe even you, don't believe in such things, but often I have seen how consulting with someone who is familiar with feng shui can change the energy of a home to make it sell when it was lingering on the market. I can't say I understand why it seems to work, but I have seen it work more than once. When Amy bought her home, she looked at dozens of places and brought her compass. She studied them for the energy balance in relation to her, and then when she found it.... it was a marriage made in Feng Shui heaven.

I will take every advantage I can! After talking with Amy, I now know which days this year should be more beneficial than others. (I'll schedule Wine Wars on one of them!) I know when not to go on vacation... too bad that is when we planned on taking our vacation... I know my family will be happy and I don't need to worry about my daughters or husband this year. And I know whatever my chart says, ultimately I do control my own destiny. So I will go on vacation and enjoy it, and I will walk but I will remember to stretch, because on the topic of walking... Amy warns me I need to be careful of my joints.

Now on that note, I will pack it up and head on home before the skies open up and swallow me whole. It's been wild out there. There is, after all, such a thing as too much water!