Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Blog from WAY BACK!!!

My husband has been helping his Dad, consolidate his business life, move from his Burlingame office to home. George has been a Wills and Probate Attorney since the 50's. For a long time he shared an office with Glenn's Grandfather. Over the years he has had a lot of clients and he has saved ALL the records.

To get someone to shred something they have kept for 50 years, seems like it would be difficult at best. It certainly has taken sometime to get George to agree, but he is letting go, one file at a time. In these files Glenn has found old stock certificates for defunct companies, pass books from old bank accounts, passports allowing travel to most places except Communist countries like Hungry, photos and in one... this small little note book of typed quotes, the typist had found of interest. I can picture this women taking out her typewriter, and putting in the small lined paper, rolling it carefully until everything lined up just right, and then carefully typing out these sayings.

This was fifty years ago and for some reason or another the words spoke to her. It is interesting reading this, to see how many of these would be quotes you or I would have selected. Here are some copies of the pages. Read and enjoy. In a way, this is an early form of blogging. I feel privileged to share this with you.

A collection of things I like from nowhere in particular

Only today is ours, yesterday does not exist, and there is no tomorrow.

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his little hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale written by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Writes will write for many years before any shall be able to describe futile existence as Shakespeare describes it.

"Trouble is the next best thing to enjoyment. This world would be horrible if we had no share in either its joys or its sorrows." Longfellow at least thinks that monotony in life is something to be avoided.

An old Chinese Philosopher says "Great souls have wills, Feeble ones only wished."

What a peculiar ending for a letter with an affection for which you will never have the slightest use. Queer to say the least. Is it cynicism, bitterness, or sarcasm my friend?

Ah, a new poem. Silly but not too bad.

"I never saw a purple cow, I hope I never see one;

but if I must, I know that I would rather see than be one."

Memoirs of Harding Park Golf Course. I never saw the author before and probably never shall again, which will be alright with me.

For every woman who commits a folly, there must be a man who is capable of making her think it is worthwhile.

We live from day to day, and each day brings its problems, interests, sorrow and happiness.

What little children we grownups are; How little we know of our human hearts,
and how much wiser are our hearts than our puzzled, despairing minds.

"Hope for the best, expect the worst, and take what comes, but cheerfully. " Philosophy maybe, but it sound like horse sense to me.

"The play is done; the curtain drops, slow falling to the prompter's bell, a moment yet the actor stops and looks around to say farewell; It is an irksome work and task; and when he's laughed and said his say, he shows as he removes his mask, a face that's anything but gay." Thackeray

Of all the ways that lead to a woman's heart, pity is the straightest.

Nine out of ten our suffering is the direct consequence of our own laziness, cowardice, greed, envy or other orneriness.
That's hard to take but oh so true.

Learn that disappointment, humiliation, sacrifice, hardship, are part of normal living; that one one is really trained or educated who hasn't passed thru or is not prepared to pass thru them again.

I suppose when you think about it, people have always had the same worries, wishes, fears and dreams. In the material there was also a handwriting analysis. I noted the graphologist made a point of only pointing out "the positive indications." Even back then, it paid to focus on the positive... and on that note our guest count so far on WINE WARS has snuck up to 100+! There are still a few spots left so bundle up you positive thoughts, your check book or a pile of $s and come on down! It will be a night to remember!