Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finishing the day

Road trips can do in even the best of dogs...and Giants.

Actually the day started with a nice walk to the store... and breakfast at the River Inn. Glenn, Chris Allison and I all walked in. We followed that up with walking to Vacation beach where Sophie and Dexter could play in the water. Dexter was a natural river dog. Sophie, as always did it her way... very queen like. Tucker unfortunately was forced to stay home due to with his cast.

Lazy times followed along with watching the Giants/Rockie's game. Since both Chris and Allison are Rockies fans and I am a Giants gal, the close game was a nail biter. By the time we entered the 13th Allison said good night. When the Giants came up to break the tie game 4-2, Chris said...he couldn't watch it get uglier. But, as these things sometimes go, when you count someone down and out they spring back to life when you least expect it... With bases loaded, the Giants walked one in, followed by a nice fat pitch right down the middle of the plate and ta-da Rockies win 6-4. YUP, that would be a grand slam..... Ouch.

Big walk tomorrow... must go to bed...must dream of a come back for the Black and Orange.