Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phoenix Lake and Environs

Ross to and past Phoenix Lake
You know about Gilligan and the 3 hour cruise?????
This could be Team Are We There Yet and the 1 hour walk!

Jill, Patti and I rendezvoused in San Anselmo for lunch at a new restaurant called Marinitas. Our plan for the afternoon was to grab a short hour walk around Phoenix Lake above Ross. So after our chips and salsa we drove over to Lagunitas road, parked and headed out.
It is so great to be walking with my long time friends. We have so much to talk about. There are so many common memories. It's like putting on a great pair of jeans that you have gotten to be JUST right for you. There is a familiarity and comfort you just cannot find anywhere else.

The walk took us through the shaded lanes of Ross until we hit the trails leading to Marin's watershed lakes. The closest of these is Phoenix. It is just a short distance from the parking lot and a walk here is popular with people of all ages and abilities. We charged up and looked over the vista of the lake and the trees, the breeze gently stirring the water, the sun warming the trail. The smell is that wonderful mix of Eucalyptus and Redwood, so organic and earthy. The trail is a mixture of exposed rock, dry leaves and powdery dirt. We passed a small waterfall that reminded Jill of Lord of the Rings. We passed runners and hikers and turn offs to Baldy Mountain heading up a trail named Fish Grade.

After 3.5 miles, stopped to ask each other if we may have passed the turnoff to round the lake. By this point we could look over and see we were well above Crown Road in Kentfield, on our way to Larkspur! I didn't think the walk around the lake would be as vertical as this walk way. The day was a lot hotter than I thought it would be. Patti and I both had work to get back to, so we headed back down the hill.

We may have gone a little further than we expected, walked harder than I had planned. But we are in training aren't we for a 60 mile walk??? So I suppose, a blessing in the end. Besides, there is never a bad walk, especially when we are together!!!

PS.... That was yesterday. Today I worked, worked, worked and worked some more but this time on Wine Wars. I was prepping the glasses for the event. I visited the party equipment store and surveyed the linens and china. I went to the office supply store and bought the display boards for the Raffle and Live Auction items. I secured another Raffle item... a pest inspection from THE best company in Marin Morris and a gift certificate from Buckeye.

The question is did you send in your RSVP? I promise you... this will be one HELL of an event for one Heavenly purpose. Email me if you need an invite... I'd love to have you there!