Monday, August 17, 2009

When you are delirious, 14 miles looks like 23!

Why not open this blog entry with a BIG confession... I finished my walk on Saturday and didn't know whether it was Saturday or Wednesday AND, when I looked at my pedometer, I read steps instead of miles..... I thought I had walked 23 miles! Looking again I realized two things...1. I DID NOT walk 23 miles and my pedometer is OFF. The thing read 10 miles and I know for a fact I walked 14. So with that off my chest... let's look at the walk around Pt San Pedro.

I was traveling solo. In the early morning we had attempted to take our dog with the broken foot, for a walk. Glenn had bought a little red wagon to pull Tucker in... Well, it was nice idea. We didn't get very far before we realized Tucker didn't want to be pulled anywhere! So after we dropped them back at the house, Glenn took me to San Rafael so I could hit the road and get in another walk. The 3 day people keep saying how important it is to your training to get in back to back long walks. Knowing we were going to go to Glenn's Dad's house at 3, I had to hit the road and walk FAST! Off I went... from the Civic Center, heading East toward China Camp, with a plan to circumnavigate the point.
North San Pedro Road travels by the Jewish Community Center, and several neighborhoods. There is also a Basque Restaurant that I want to go to some time. I hear it is pretty good.

As you near China Camp the scenery becomes more country, less suburbia...and you can feel your shoulders relax as the rhythm of your walk matches the music you hear from the I-pod in your pack. Its a great time to listen to songs maybe no-one else cares about, except other mid century folks, like Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Credence Clearwater revival.... and remember times gone by...

Buck's is close to the entrance to China Camp.
There is a boat launch there and the sign says, they sell Cold Beer and Snapple.

Near National and State Parks, inevitably there are a few old homes, and ranches, clinging to history and sense of purpose in the face of the changing times. This little ranch house, has corrals with horses, a pond with ducks... and peace and serenity.

For the next several miles, I got to enjoy our STATE park China Camp. I don't know what they are going to do when they close half of the State parks. Are they going to put barricades out and stop people from enjoying beautiful days like this?

So much of what is perfect about China Camp is the California landscape. If I think of the most iconic view you could conger up of Northern California, it would be of straw colored hills and a lone oak standing tall like a monument.

There is just something ancient and mystical about our oaks. These are the kind of trees you could easily imagine becoming alive and reaching out to grab you.

When I am walking by myself, I walk fast, but I also may just notice one or two more things than I would with someone along. The day was beautiful and I decided to see what was near my feet.... How about poison oak?

Naked Pink Ladies.....


Where San Pablo Bay touches the land... the young spring green of grass acts as a transition to the hard warm earth.

Isn't there something really nice about some place so unspoiled.

Some adult was leading a group of children down along the waters edge... I am sure there are small miracles on the way.

I stopped above China Camp to eat my trail mix bar and refill my water bottles. It was a very warm day and I was , as my mother would say, glowing. After yesterday's walk in Los Altos, I was tired but not so much so that I even considered calling it a day. I stretched and got ready to leave. As I was bent over, and middle aged fellow came up and asked if he could help me. "Oh no I am fine, I am just stretching."
"I'd like to help with that" he said... That was my signal to get walking....FAST

This year I sold a home in Peacock Gap. Feeling energized I decided I would head down into the neighborhood and look my clients up...and add a few steps while I was at it. Unfortunately when I got to their door, they not only were not home, it looked like they hadn't moved in yet! NOTE to self... check up on those guys!

One of the homes had this different piece of art lying in their front yard.

Back on Pt San Pedro Road, I ran across three young girls. They were all dressed up and one of them had camera. They were trying to take a picture of themselves using a timer. Two of the girls had daisy wreaths in their hair. I offered to take their picture as they stood on the rocks of the breakwater. I think they worried I would fall in... Maybe I worried I might too. But I didn't and they now have a great photo to remember the day when they were young and beautiful and standing on the shores of San Pedro Bay. Wish I had a copy.

I always wonder what it would be like to live on the edge of the water. Would it be so peaceful you would never want to leave? Would the storms make you fearful that you might tumble in?
Further along you come to Loch Lomond Marina. Its the closest of the San Rafael Marinas to the Bay. There is a market there called Bruno's and I stopped to grab a bite of lunch. And thanks to the hospitality of the Loch Lomond Yacht club... I got to use the facilities!!!!

Outside of Seastrand there is this lovely smoke tree. By this time I am checking my watch and walking VERY fast. I need to still get groceries so I can cook from Glenn's Dad. I called Glenn to let him know I was close but would be stopping at Whole Foods.

When I burst into Glenn's office. He asked me how far I had walked. I looked at my pedometer and said... it says 23.53 miles but it doesn't seem that far! Maybe I was just walking really really fast! He made up a sign for me to hold and sat me down on his front steps, and took the photo....
It was later, before I jumped into the shower that I looked again at the pedometer... 10 miles?!!!!! Oh now it wasn't... So now I know, Jill and I walked farther than 12.25 miles yesterday... add another couple of miles. MY official, non-official tally for the Friday Saturday walks were... 15 on Friday and 14 on Saturday. Getting there... getting there.
Now dear readers you need to know that Wine Wars is approaching. Thursday's the big day. I don't know how much I will be able to write in the next few days. But I promise I will let you know what you missed if you can't be there... and I will try to faithfully report the event to those who do come. It is going to be TOTALLY awesome.
Still time to RSVP... We have around 25 spots to fill. Let me know.