Sunday, August 30, 2009

The road to AT&T park

Today may be the last day of Allison's and Chris' visit. Since this is the end, it is appropriate that we do two things...Walk and go see the Rockies face the Giants at AT&T park. Since Allison lives in Denver this will be the last training walk she will have with us before the actual Breast Cancer 3 day. We had better make it a good one.
We decided we would walk to AT&T for the 1:15 game that we had tickets for. Patti agreed to join us, so we rendezvoused at 6:30 at the Bayside in Sausalito, and invited Chris and Glenn along (so we could snag a ride closer to the bridge). The game time meant we should err on the side of being early. Our backup plan was to get Glenn to pick us up on his way to the game.
When we woke up, the skies quickly turned blue. After several days of 90 degree temperatures, we wondered where the fog was... we were overdo for a "cooling" trend. Knowing we would be walking over the bridge, that even when clear and blue, can be breezy and cold, Allison had a sweatshirt and I had a windbreaker... Patti however, was more optimistic about the temperature and conditions and had a light weight long sleeved shirt over her tank top. Glenn dropped us at Cavallo Point (near the base of the bridge). As we walked closer we noticed the heavy grey blanket of clouds camouflaging the bridge in its folds. When we were on the bridge the wind, mixed with a light mist, pelted us unrelentingly.
Coming from the opposite direction we noticed several large groups of women. I am pretty sure this was one of the organized training walks they do in association with the 3 day. there were women of all ages (some in pink - one in my exact windbreaker) walked, talked and smiled as they crossed over toward Marin. I would estimate there being around 30-40 women in different groups.
Our plan was to grab a hot something... at the Warming Hut at the start of Crissy Field. But when we got there we saw it didn't open until 9 am, and it was only 8:30. Allison looked disappointed...but we headed off in lieu of waiting for it to open. The Sports Basement was opened and we snuck inside and bought some Sharkies. Sharkies are these nifty little gummy bear like things that are loaded with electrolytes. Allison likes them so much she gobbles them up in one minute or less. I think they made these extra sticky so you saver the sharkie and get all those electrolytes slowly. I think Allison is going for that rush of electrolytes at once.
Down the way there is the Crissy Filed Information building and inside there is a cafe. We stopped there and had mochas and a hot chocolate and warmed up. I kept thinking about that sunny sky at our house when we left. It was still foggy and cold here in San Francisco.
Travelling on, we walked by aquatic park where a young couple were spelling our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in sand. I think now that they had gotten halfway though the word, the girl was looking less than amused...
When we hit Fisherman's wharf, it was a relatively light crowd, tourist wise. I don't know if it was the grey skies of the time of year, but there were about 1/2 of the number that I had seen the last time Patti and I had walked through here.
I told Patti that there is a theme for the dinner/dance fundraiser that is being held for our team September 18th. It is going to be Dancing under the star of hope. I suggested it would be great if we all could have a necklace with a charm on it that said HOPE. We actually found them in a small shop in tourist ville ... Now we are ready!
When we got to the Ferry Building we had a lot of time to spare so we went to Mujita to get auqa frescas and a carnitas taco. What a nice and relaxed day this was turing out to be. We looked at the arts and crafts booths outside before headed out toward the Ballpark and Patti left to go back to the Ferry. We kept seeing these people in Giants paraphernalia heading away from the park with their Randy Johnson Bobbleheads. Today was a special give away to the first 20,000 people of this bobblehead that celebrated Randy's 300th win. Allison and I worried that we might not even get our bobbleheads and we were at least an hour early for the game, but we made it in time to pick up two.
We called to check to see where the guys were, but they were stuck in traffic. It was a good ting we had gotten those two bobbleheads, I don't think Chris would have been happy missing that! When we were all seated it was in some of the best seats int he house. Club Level seats behind home. Allison and Chris were brave souls in their Rockies hats and shirts. During the game they were only the subject of mild ridicule.
It was a very good game. The lead changed hands a couple of times. Remembering Monday's game where the Giants lost in the 14th due to a Rockies grand slam homer, today's victory was sweet to the Giants. Edgar Renteria hit a grand slam that was the deciding factor. As tough as that was for our Rockie fans, I understood how happy the Giant fans were after a frustrating few weeks of not being able to comfortably finish a game. As we were leaving there were your typical slightly drunk fellows (I believe someone referred to them as the animals that got out of their cage) heckling Allison and Chris. I was grateful that there were one or two nice Giants fans on our way to the car who were friendly to them!
Now we are back at the house, after a dinner out, and I am writing this, they are watching a politically incorrect cartoon called the Goode Family.
Tomorrow, its back to work. The week looks like it will be quite busy. I hope I can keep up.
I am already missing Allison, Chris and Dexter.
Next time I see them, it will be the 3 day. Are we going to see you when we cross the finish line? Mark it on the calendar Oct 4th, 5pm Fort Mason.
See you there.