Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walks, wine and fighting women

After working for the better part of the day, Patti and I headed out to walk to the club for a late lunch. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The sun was out but it wasn't too hot. We arrived at the club around 1:30.

The Sausalito Yacht Club has an enviable location at the waters edge next to where the Sausalito Ferry lands. The outdoor deck has wonderful views, and on a Friday, having lunch here is a lesson in relaxation. We had a glass of Chardonnay, and were joined by another recent Breast Cancer Survivor. This other kind of club "the survivor club" is way bigger than you expect. Patti on her way to surgery actually saw this woman at the hospital each on their own gurneys. I am sure sitting on the deck sipping Chardonnay has to be a better place to be!

As we sat there a nice looking tall man started walking up to the table. Patti jumped out of her seat and gave the kind of welcoming hug you only give to really really long time friends. He was her best friend's husband, Bruce, and he doesn't live anywhere near here. He had been having lunch with some business associates. Patti pulled out her I-Phone and snapped a picture to send to Kerry, her friend. I pulled out my Centro to take a picture for the blog. He sent three glasses of Chardonnay to the table as he left, which we slowly polished off.
After lunch we walked back to Patti's house and chatted about all the different ways people deal with illness. Some face it head on and bravely charge into the unknown while others would prefer not to know the details of the illness and do as little as possible to fight it. There is no right or wrong approach, just what is right for you. I am a head down, charge ahead person (maybe its because I am a Taurus?!) But I know there are others who would rather carry on with life "as it was," and avoid dealing with any kind of treatment or discomfort.

By the time we reached Patti's house it was decided that we would come back to the Club for dinner. Friday night at the club, is always a busy night. So we made our reservations and planned to rendezvous for dinner at 7pm.

When Glenn came home we got a call from his Dad. George has had heart issues throughout his life, most of which were never significant enough to consider any proactive care. But after he had his knee surgery, the heart has having difficulty. He had congestive heart failure and has been laying low partially with this to deal with. George let us know he had scheduled a surgery for August 31, to replace his Aortic valve. I told him, "Put you head down George, you'll get through this." So it was with this on our minds, that we left for our evening out at the club.

Well it was a very busy parking lot. But we pulled into the SYC and saw an space opening up. We had to pull out of the lot to allow the car to leave. As we sat there we saw a group of about 5 people walk up and pull out their cell phones. Then they stood in the middle of the space. We drove in and they literally blocked the space trying to wave us off. I said out the window, “Sorry we were waiting for that space.” The two women said “It’s our space.” And set themselves up like a barricade.

Glenn inched up. One started to scream “He’s trying to hit me!” So I jumped out of the car and went in front of the car and stood up in her face and said “Ah come on, you have got to be kidding! You know you just walked in here and we were waiting for this spot.” “No its our spot we are saving it for our friend” she countered. By now the blood is rushing to my face and I swear my fists were tightening. I pictured placing two well placed hands under her chin and flipping her right there in the lot. So I said “you are frickin' kidding right?! Get out of the way.” To which they responded “It's going to be a long night if you don’t let us have this space.” I said, “We’re members here, who are you?” She said they were members too, but I had never seen them. So I took off to go and get witnesses. Before I left, Glenn inched the car up and the woman purposefully walked right into the bumper. The male friends who were standing back behind the car started yelling at Glenn that that was ASSAULT and they could make a police report. I said “Oh please do because I would love that fight! “ Then I turned on my heels quickly to go get backup!

I ran into people on the way in and said we were having an altercation in the parking lot and apologized that I couldn't stay to talk. I went out found Patty and asked her to come out with me to see if she recognized these people. When she came out they keep saying Glenn had assaulted the woman. Ok… yeah right. Patti asked them if they were members. They said the friend they were holding the parking space for was, they were guests. Ahhheeemmmm. When their friend showed up Glenn laughed. Apparently they angled for the spot saying their friend was handicapped. There was one handicapped space open in the lot so he pointed that out to them, to which they responded “well not that handicapped.” When the friend showed up she was completely able bodied.

She urged her friends to just go in with her and have dinner. During the course of the evening the woman who had walked into the bumper came up to us about a dozen times to say something nasty. The last time she walked up and said “Look at my pants! I am going to have to have them dry cleaned!” Patti retorted… “THEY ARE JEANS!”

Holy moly, It has been a long time since I ran into such a disagreeable, disgusting excuse for a human being. Going back and thinking about it… I kinda wish I had flipped her!

After that traumatic event, we enjoyed our dinner with Patti and John, Wren and Tim and had a chance to say hello to Maren and Bob Wrigley, in from Hawaii. When we left the club I nervously checked my car to see if there were any expletives on the hood, but luckily the people had left it untouched.

So if you see me driving around Marin looking defensive you will know why! Where was Judge Judy when I needed her?!

WINE WARS will NOT have these people in attendance so you are welcome to come and enjoy a great night of wine and food, music and fun. Email for your invite or send in your RSVP! Maybe I should auction off me, in a parking lot, flipping your worse enemy. Could go for big bucks!