Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Giants are in hot water... but we're still floating.


This was a quiet day for sure. Our friends left this morning. Allison and Chris took off on their own with their dog to go to the beach. With Tucker still in a cast this has been a challenging week fo rthe poor boy. The frustration he feels in not being able to run and play and stomp in the water, have left him like an angry old man. He has become quite vocal. It is as if he is yelling "IT'S NOT FAIR!"

I know that feeling and I bet you do too. Being left out for one reason or another is not fun. Our team have been having a discussion lately about what our expectations are for the 3 day. Some of us ( ahemmm me on occasion will charge ahead of the group) I do this in spurts. It isn't that I am not wanting to walk shoulder to shoulder with everyone, it is just sometimes, the song in my head is quicker than others.

When Patti was walking with Allison Chris and I the other day, she pointed out. "THERE IS NO I in TEAM!" I think she was reminding me that I had charged ahead again. I told her it wasn't me it was "The Can Can".... That was the song in my head. I told her I could change tempos and play "The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face" instead. That could slow me down!

Honestly though, I do know what is like to be left behind, to be picked last for a team. I don't think I ever was far off of the last pick for team sports. My expectations for the 3 day are to finish. To have fun with my friends. To make a difference and bring in some serious cash to end Breast Cancer. To not leave anyone behind...but at times to walk a little quicker because its the "Flight of the Bumblebee" in my head instead of "Moonriver".

Since the Giants are on the big fat losing end of this game.... I decided to upload the latest videos and pictures and try to avoid looking at the 9-0 game. I think the Giants have a whole other tune in their heads tonight... like the "Death March?" Hoping they pick up the pace tomorrow against the Rockies. ENJOY the pictures. DONATE to Allison, she is only $170 from her goal!!!

PS - Brag time. Allison is the principal candidate for two internships for Jan-April. One is in Peru the other in Jordan... which shall she choose? VOTES???