Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drum roll......drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrrdrdrdrdrdm


Be there or be sorry. It is going to be an great event. Wine has arrived. Flowers ready to arrange. Buttons ready to be made. FUN ready to be had.
The button above is one I made to honor a Cancer Warrior. Donna is fighting Breast Cancer and I will be wearing her name proudly as I cross the finish line on Oct. 4th. If you have a Cancer Warrior you would like to honor, made a donation of any amount of $20 or more to the Breast Cancer 3 Day and I will make a button for your friend, send it back to you after the walk, even tale a photo if you'd like.
Donate at Wine Wars tomorrow night or by on the Website here. DONATE
SO excited. Hope to see you there.