Saturday, August 22, 2009

The day after the day after...WINE WARS!


I just started drinking a nice warm cup of coffee. Wine Wars was such a success, it has taken me awhile to even begin to contemplate writing anything. To be fair, maybe the wine in Wine Wars, being as great as it was, had something to do with this slower than usual start. At the end of the day, the purpose was to MAKE money and that we did, bringing in nearly $6000 through the raffle, live auction, entry, and wine tastings. I have an envelope loaded with donation forms to The Breast Cancer 3 Day. We are officially making a difference and I am so grateful to all those Warriors who joined this battle. Hugs and Kisses. Here's to long life, people you love to enjoy it with you, and a fine glass of wine in hand for good measure.

What an enormous success. There are so many people to thank. Please excuse the lengthy post, but I would be a bad bad person if I didn't try to publicly thank these people who went the distance for this cause and our TEAM.


Kendall Jackson - Matt, the wines were fantastic. Most of us knew they would be, but you and Kendall Jackson were so generous, I was amazed. The trinkets were nice too...Chardonnay disappeared at the bar in a flash. The Pinot Noir by La Crema was a favorite. THANKS! KENDALL JACKSON

Fenestra -William Jablon and Jesse came to pour for Fenestra. Double Crossed Wines is the sales company for Fenestra and other wineries. Lanny of Fenestra donated the great wines, THANKS!! Their Cab was one of the favorites of the night. And Thank you to Dannielle Dabbah for the introduction that brought Fenestra to us. THANKS! FENESTRA

Pey Marin - Susan Pey of Pey Marin, Mt Tamalpais Vineyards and Scenic Roots came to personally pour their Mt Tamalpais Merlot. This is my father's favorite wine, after I introduced him to it. Many of my clients have fallen for this great wine as well. If you like this wine you have to try all their others. Votes came in for the Merlot, but their Pinot is amazing as well. Thanks Susan for the wine, but also THANK YOU for your walk to the top of Mt Tam for Breast Cancer Funds. You're the best! MARIN WINES

Heller Estates - Mary Roos of Heller Estates donated some yummy wines. The reserve Estate Cab got several votes for tops. The white disappeared from the bar in nano seconds. Mary is a neighbor and a client, and their Carmel Valley Winery has a vineyard directly down the road from our little girls weekend location in Cachagua. I love how you get to know someone and find out how much you had in common you'd never suspect in the beginning! THANKS MARY!

Hearthstone - The winner of the unofficial tasting battle, by a narrow margin was Hearthstone. Hearthstone was represented by Judi Land. Judi was pouring for her brother. This winery is located in San Luis Obispo. They have a lot of great wines and Team Are We There Yet visited on the weekend they opened their tasting room. Yummy! Slipstone in particular was a crowd favorite, barely edging out the others. The Pearl at the bar found fans in John Bott and I. THANKS!

People left saying the wines were fantastic. Hopefully they will send in their wine club requests. (I must add two more memberships to the three I already have!) Or visit the wineries websites to learn more.... Kendall-Jackson, Fenestra, Mt.Tamalpais/Pey-Marin, Heller Estates, Hearthstone. THEY ALL ARE WINNERS!

This band not only donated their time to this GREAT cause, but Katie pitched Wine Wars while on KGO radio, and Richard sent out an email to 300 people - some of whom came and enjoyed a GREAT night of music. They also graciously announced the Live Auction and the Raffle. Mike Williamson might be the best musician I have ever met. You cannot believe the sound that comes out of these 3 people. You definitely should book them for your event. They are un un believable!!! THANKS! Contact them through their website: GO KAT GO!

As some of you who have been reading this blog know, Stacy stepped in at the last minute. She not only came up with great cuisine (hmmmm loved those shrimp papaya thingy dingys) , but she took so much pressure of of me personally... THANK YOU! Stacy donated her personal time and for that Susan G Komen says THANK YOU! Contact Stacy at

The team thanks our families for their support. Not only at the event, by pouring and photo taking and basically having fun with us...but also for the understanding. It takes countless hours of training in order to walk this walk in October. That mean either time away from home or.... time walking with us. I can't speak for Curtiss, Chris, Randy or John, but I know my husband Glenn has gotten blisters keeping me company...THANK YOU!

Our wonderful friends, many of whom came great distances to be with us, are a constant source of joy. Thank you Susan and Helga for manning the front table. Thank you to Sonya and Pete for bringing me some chicken after the event! Thank you to each and every person who donated raffle prizes or live auction items, including: Pancho Villas (Kelly and Carlos Medina), Featherbed and Bath (Patty Williamson), Beth Rosener (Jewlery by Beth), The Buckeye, Morris Pest (Marilyn and Bob!), The Magic House Cleaner (Delmy Goodwin), Laurie Lesko (Massage), Janet Mobley (Hair), The California Film Institute (Liana), Hazardous Waste (Dana Sack, Chuck Cihak and Glenn Youngling) and all the wineries for their contributions. THANKS also to the winning bidders for stepping up. Alain Pinel promises me I have no idea what will happen to my dinner for 8 that they bid and won. Patti Williamson won the Bay on the Bay and I am hoping I can snag a ride on the boat with them. I know we all are looking forward to events ahead benefiting Susan G Komen!

As is the way with Thanks, I am sure I left someone or something out. Please accept my apologies if I did so. You almost hesitate starting to thank people just knowing you could forget one or two.
The evening was jammed packed with people and things that were notable including Jeff Sterley's signature new look of pink feathers in the chest hair... but, since I need to make breakfast, pack and leave for a week trip to the Russian River, I will save some more thoughts about the event for a later entry. In the meantime, please enjoy the following snap shots and video clips of the evening.

THANK YOU EVERYONE... Because of you we are one step closer to a cure!


Take a look at 3/5th of Team:Are We There Yet? The next morning they met at 8am...I had to bow out... and they walked across the bridge. That is dedication! I must tip my hat to them... I was in full recovery mode until the later afternoon. Then I was just 50 percent useless.