Friday, August 28, 2009

Floating, wine tasting and coming in second

Its our last day in the Russian River before heading back to reality. We started off the day doing some business on the phone and internet. Glad to have done it since my listing on Carrera is now in escrow. But also could feel a distinct pull of the overwhelming forces that will pull me back to work, away from the river and into "normal" life. I do wish there was a way to have more down time. Certainly this will not be in the cards for me until after the walk.

I have business and the training and another fundraising event, this one I am cooking for and the team will be my sous chefs. Hope it will mean lots of extra $$$ to help fight Breast Cancer.

After some of the money has been logged into our account, our team should definitely be a "power team" where each member averages at least $3000. In fact, I am at the moment... the person in second for total funds. The person in first has offered to post a photo of herself in a bikini on a billboard if she earns more than 30K. She has earned 35k! Team: Are We There Yet?will finish this event with our heads held high knowing we did all we could to raise as much as we could for this fine cause. So.... Goodbye Russian River... oh but before we go.... Let's get in a picnic at Rochioli and wine tasting on Westside Road. We hit Hop Kiln and a new place called Thomas George. They are still finishing the wine tasting room and working on their cellars. Good wine... its looking like a good one to follow.

Then since the temp was well over 90, we all headed back to the river for a farewell swim and float with Dexter the dog. Pizza followed and the Giants Rockies game. It was an important one for the Giants to keep them in striking distance of the Rockies for a possible wild card slot. The Dodgers had lost and so that created the possibility of even division for the Rockies who are only a couple of games back...

It is a little awkward. Chris and Allison are Rockies fans and our Tim Lincecum was on the mound. Although I wish the Rockies no ill, I don't want them to beat my Giants! We won! It was a great game for Timmy and the Giants...and a respectable one for the Rockies... two more in this series to go. After our showing in Denver earlier this week, you gotta know these are going to be tight games. Winning each is important.
Not losing is even more important.

Tomorrow is the day... we will be on the road back home and I will miss the lazy days we have had. Watch for me running 90 miles an hour because I will be BUSY. We'll be going to see the Giants and Rockies live on Sunday. I hate losing so lets all hope the Giants win!
Leaves me thinking of a song I know...where the lyrics are "Sometimes your the Louisville Slugger baby, Sometimes you're the ball." Tonight the Giants were Louisville Sluggers... Team:Are We There Yet? are Sluggers too. Sure beats being the BALL!

Still time to donate. Every dollar means something in this battle to end Breast Cancer.
Do what you can. DONATE